Pet Master Free Spin Links Today (Daily Spins)

Spins and coins are the main things in the Pet Master game. Coins are used to build villages and spins used to spin the game slot machine.

This is page for latest and new Pet Master spin links. You will get Pet Master link today and yesterday. And, know different ways to get more free spins in Pet Master game.

Here you get helpful information, FAQs and spin links for Pet Master game.

Following are daily updated Pet Master free spin links, which are gathered from Pet Master game’s Facebook social page.

May 6, 2024:

April 18, 2024:

April 18, 2024:

Above links are free links and published by Pet Master game on the game’s social pages. You can get the same links from the game’s social pages and other game blogs.

Note: If you already used the above link and collected rewards from the link or used the link after it’s expiration time, then it will not work for you.

What is Pet Master free spin and coin reward link?

Pet Master game share URL links on their game social pages. By using these links, game users get free spins and coins rewards in their game account.

So, Pet Master spin links are simple URLs which redirect game users to the game application and give spin and coin rewards. And, these links are shared by Pet Master.

Free spin links for the Pet Master game are shared by Pet Master and available on Pet Master Facebook social game page.

More on this, online game blogs also gather these links from different sources and list these same links on their posts to help game users.

Expiration time of Pet Master free spin links is 2-3 days. If you try to use spin links after 3 days, then the game will show the link expired message.

Following are different possible rewards which you can get from Pet Master reward links.

  • 25 spins
  • 10 spins one million coins
  • 10 million coins
  • 2 million coins

Different ways to get Pet Master free spins and coins

Following are 13 different ways or game options and tips to collect free spins or coins in the Pet Master game.

  1. Daily free reward link on game Facebook page.
  2. Collect up to 50 spins using Spin Gifts exchange.
  3. Invite Friends to join a game with Facebook connect.
  4. Collect free spins, dice and chests from promotional package offers.
  5. Play roll the dice to get free spins or coins.
  6. Get a Special Box from events and promotions.
  7. Win free rewards by completing album card sets.
  8. Take part in Pet Master contests and raffles on Facebook page.
  9. Play Pet Master game with Facebook connect.
  10. Complete game village levels.
  11. Pet Master daily gives 5 spins every hour (max 50 spins) when you do not have any spins.
  12. Play Pet Master and win spins or coins from Slot Machine, Raid or Attack.
  13. Play events to get amazing rewards.

Pet Master free spin links FAQs

What is the max number of spins I get from the spin link?

Based on previous regular and special events reward links, 25 spins is the max number of spins game users get from spin links.

Pet Master 400, 800 or 5000 spin link – Is such link possible?

400, 800 or 5000 spins from a single spin link is not possible. Here, if you make a total of 2-3 month spins rewards which you get from daily spin links, then it’s possibly 400 or 800 spins.

From which Pet Master social pages I get free spin links?

Following are Pet Master social pages links: Facebook page.

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