Pet Master Chests: Types, Cards and How to Get Chests

In this post, you will learn about Pet Master chest types, the number of cards that chests have, how to get chests and how to open them.

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Pet Master Chests types, cards and how to open (Info table)

Following table gives information about Pet Master chest types, how many cards you get from them and how you can open them.

TypesRaccoon chestOwl chestLion chest
Contains2 Cards4 Cards8 Cards
How to opendouble tapdouble tapdouble tap
Pet Master Chest types and cards

Collectable cards have different types and different rarity. Chests can contain more or less rarity cards.

Less rarity cards can be found easily in chests. While Golden cards (more rare) and Royal cards (most rare) not found easily.

How to get Chests in Pet Master?

Following are different ways to get chest in the Pet Master game.

  1. Get chest from Dice board game tile.
  2. Win Chest from events reward.
  3. Complete village level and win rewards.
  4. Get chest from safes during Raid.
  5. Purchase chests from the game store.

Above are 5 different ways to get chests in the Pet Master game.