How to Get Free Gems in Brawl Stars? (Different Ways)

Looking for free gems in the Brawl Stars game. Here are different ways to get free gems in the Brawl Stars game.

Let’s get started,

Get free Gems by completing the Brawl Pass

You will get a possibility of getting free gems in Brawl Stars, when you complete Brawl Pass. Here, to unlock these passes, you need to play almost daily.

Every time you may not get enough Gems to buy a premium version. But, you will earn enough gems to buy a premium pass every three seasons on an average by completing tiers.

Earning Gems in random boxes (Luck by chance)

This way of free Gems seems removed from 13/05/2020.


This option is luck by chance. However there are less chances to get Gems outside of Mega Boxes.

Take part in custom map contest

By creating and publishing custom maps, users can take part in map contest and get a chance to win gems as a reward.

At Last,

More on this, you can also find many online gems generator tools. But, we suggest avoiding the use of any online Brawl Stars gems generator.

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