How to Get a Star Power in Brawl Stars? (Two Ways)

  • Star Powers can be unlocked at your game level 9.
  • Star Powers can be found in all Brawl Boxes.
  • You can purchase from the shop when it show up in the shop.

Let’s check answer in detail,

There are two ways to get Star Power in a Brawl Stars game. First is Brawl Boxes and second is purchase from the shop.

Star Power from Brawl Boxes

Chance of getting Star Power from Brawl Boxes is 1%. It means, you have a chance to get Star Power 1 time in every 100 boxes.

So, save more boxes and increase your chance to get more Star Powers.

Star Power from shop

Here, you need to wait for a Star Power to show up in the shop. When Star Power is available in the shop, then you can purchase it with 2000 coins.

So, in this method, you need to save coins and wait for Star Power in the shop.

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