Can I Play SimCity BuildIt Offline? (Things to Know)

  • Yes, You can play SimCity BuiltIt offline for a while (2-3 days).
  • Some features are not available with SimCity BuiltIt offline play.
  • Offline game progress is saved on the device and saved on the server when you are online.

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Can I Play SimCity BuildIt Offline?

Yes, You can play the SimCity BuiltIt game when you are offline or you lose internet connection.

But, if you continue playing offline for a while, then you’ll be unable to continue playing unless you reconnect or online.

It means, the SimCity BuiltIt game allows you to continue playing the game offline for a while (2-3 days), so, your game continues in a temporary offline situation. But, you can not play the SimCity BuiltIt game in offline mode for a long time.

And, while you are playing game offline, game will time to time remind you to get back online. You can close this reminder by clicking OK button.

You are currently playing offline. Your offline progress will be saved to the server when you reconnect.

Things to know when you play SimCity BuildIt Offline

Following are things you need to know when you are playing SimCity BuildIt game offline.

  • Your game progress is not saved online, it is saved locally on your device and updated on the server once you get back online.
  • You can not visit your friends’ cities. (Here, Daniel’s Trade Depot available for business)
  • Trade Depot and Global HQ are not accessible when you are offline.
  • Not able to make SimCash purchases in the store.
  • If you play a game on different devices with the same login, one offline and second online, then your offline progress will be overwritten.

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