How to Get Tokens in Brawl Stars Game? (7 Ways and Guide)

If you are a Brawl Stars player and looking for free tokens in a game, then here are 7 different ways that give you a chance to get free tokens in a Brawl Stars game.

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List of ways to get tokens in Brawl Stars game

Brawl Stars tokens are currency in game and earned by taking part in any game mode. Tokens are also awarded when new events open.

Let’s check out all the ways to get tokens in the Brawl Stars game.

1. Complete Brawl event

In Brawl Starts, you will get Tokens on completion of a Brawl event. These tokens are awarded up to a limit. Here, the amount depends on your performance during the match.

2. Voting

Voting is the second way to get tokens. Here, you can get 10 tokens(up to 3 times a day) for voting on Candidates of the Day maps.

3. Tapping event slot

When a new event comes into rotation, you can get 5 Tokens by tapping on the event slot.

4. Tapping on special event slot

When a Special event comes into rotation, you can get 50 Tokens by tapping on the Special event slot.

5. Experience level

Experience level is also a good option to get Tokens, With new experience level, you will get 20 Tokens.

6. Complete Quest

Quest is an amazing option for Tokens. On completing Quest, you can get 1000, 500, 250, 200 or 100 tokens. Token’s amount is based on Quest size.

7. Brawler new rank

In game, when your Brawler gets a new rank, then each time you get a 10 Tokens.

Things to Know About Brawl Stars Tokens

Following are things related to Brawl Stars tokens. You may like to know this.

What is the Token limit in Brawl Stars?

Here is the Token obtain limit in Brawl Stars: With a total cap of 200 Tokens, each time 20 Tokens will be added to your Token Counter with the interval of 2 hour and 24 minutes.

With an empty token counter, you can only play for Trophies and Experience.


In this situation, you still get tokens on Quest completion, Brawler ranking up and gain Experience level.

What is the use of Tokens in Brawl Stars?

Tokens can be used to get more rewards in the Brawl Pass. This costs 75-600 Tokens for each tier.

Here, you can get Gems, Coins, Brawl boxes, new Brawlers(with Skins) and Power Points.

What are Token Doublers in Brawl Stars?

Token Doubler in Brawl Stars used to increase earning Token amount in game playing.

This Token Doubler can be found in Brawl Boxes or as Trophy Road rewards. And, occasionally it can also be offered free in the game shop.

Double token event is also an option to double the token earning. This event comes once in a month and it is separate from Token Doubler.

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