How to Get Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars for Free? (5 Things to Know)

There are 6 legendary Brawlers in the Brawl Stars game. This post has a list of ways to get legendary Brawlers for free in the Brawl Stars game.

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Ways to get legendary Brawlers free in Brawl Stars game

Following are possible free ways, which give you a chance to get free Brawlers (Legendary) in game. Those legendary Brawlers are Crow, Leon, Spike, Sandy, Meg and Amber.

Play game regularly

Playing the Brawl Stars game regularly gives you more Brawl Boxes. And, more Brawl Boxes means, higher chance of getting more Brawlers (including legendary Brawlers in case of luck).

This simple and best option to get Brawlers in Brawl Stars. Every box you ever open and don’t get a legendary from, it actually increases your chance to get a legendary Brawler in every other box you open.

Mega boxes

Opening Mega Box in Brawl Stars, gives a chance to get free legendary Brawler. For that, you need to get Mega boxes in the game.

Play with different brawlers and try to get more and more trophies. In special reward of trophies certain milestones you will receive a mega box. Another way is to collect free gems and buy a mega box in a game shop.

Sometimes, you may also receive free gifts(including mega boxes) for special celebrations by Brawl Stars.

Spend Gems wisely

Instead of spending Gems on various stuff – like skins and other things, save those Gems. Try to save more Gems and use them to obtain a legendary. Ways to get legendary in game mostly depend on Gems, so spend it wisely and for the right things.

Token Doublers

Here, Token Doublers is not a direct way to get free Legendary Brawler, but it helps to get Mega boxes at less Gems price. Weekly token doubler offer is best offer in game to get 1400 token doublers for 39 Gems.


Tickets are generally available on weekends. Collect or buy tickets and hold them for good events. And bet 20 tickets max in every game. Next, create a good squad for events using the strongest brawlers. Get tokens and use token doublers, if possible.

Here, more tokens means more brawl boxes.

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Hope you find this get Legendary Brawlers in Brawl Stars for free guide helpful.

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