How to Get Free Coins on Royal Match? (4 Different Ways)

In the Royal Match game coins are very important resource items to complete your game levels. Here, you will know 4 different ways to get free coins in Royal Match game.

How to get free coins in Royal Match?

Following are 4 ways in the game to get free coins.

1. Arena Chest

In Arena Chest you will get free coins. So, by opening Arena Chest you will get a chance to get free coins.

2. Bonus Levels

Bonus Levels are also one of the options to get free coins. By completing Bonus Levels, you will get coins in game.

3. Remaining moves

When you play the game smartly and you complete a level with some remaining moves, then the game uses those moves and gives you extra free coins in game.

4. Events

Events are a great option to get a big amount of coins in the Royal Match. For example, Royal League, Team Battle, Propeller Madness, and Book of Treasure like events give you a chance to win free coins.

Lastly, Here is a quick answer for your question.

Coins are an important item in the Royal Match game, which is used to buy extra lives, moves, boosters and power-ups. And it can be gotten free by Arena Chest, remaining moves, events and bonus levels.