Coin Master event list 2021

Coin Master is great game and i am great fan of game. I like Coin Master events, it gives new challenge amazing rewards on event completion. If you also fan of game, you like to check all event list.

Coin Master introduce new events time to time in game. In year 2021, Coin Master players get 17 events in game. In this post all events list is given.

Coin Master event list 2021: Tournament Milestone, Tournament, Gift Master, Special Events, Attack Madness, Raid Madness, Village Master, Bet Blast, Cards Boom, Cards for Chests, Gold Card Trade, Balloon Frenzy, Viking Quest and Set Blast.

You will also find more detail for each event on Coin Master official site, Here we just list all event names for game lovers. Hope you like it.

Coin Master event list 2021
Village Mania
Coin Craze
Sea of Fortune
Tournament Milestone
Gift Master
Special Events
Attack Madness
Raid Madness
Village Master
Bet Blast
Cards Boom
Cards for Chests
Gold Card Trade
Balloon Frenzy
Viking Quest
Set Blast
Coin Master event list 2021
Coin Master event list 2021

From above event list, Coin Master game players can know about possible event comes in game.

Coin Master event list and FAQs