Coin Master Village Cost (Village cost calculation)

In this post users get a guide about Coin Master game village cost. Guide includes – meaning of village cost, village cost calculation and general things about village cost.

What does village cost mean in a Coin Master game?

In Coin Master game users need to complete different village levels to progress in the game.

To complete village level in the Coin Master game, users need to buy 25 different village items from the game village shop. Users can buy these village items using game coins. And, the sum of coins required to buy all village items is the cost of a particular village.

How to calculate any village cost in the Coin Master game?

Village cost is different for all villages in the Coin Master game. The Coin Master game has more than 300 villages and all villages have different costs.

In the Coin Master game, Village Shop does not display total cost to complete village level. At a time game village shop shows 5 items prices. And, the remaining 20 items’ prices are shown one by one, when users buy current active items.

Now, based on our analysis, Coin Master users can calculate any village estimated cost by using the following calculation.

To find village cost in Coin Master, first make a total of the first 5 items cost which are available in the village shop. Now, multiply this total with 9.5, and the result amount is your current village estimated cost.

In the game, the cost of village increases from starting level to last level. For example, village 50 required more coins to complete compared to village 49.

What is the benefit of pre calculation of village cost?

If the user knows the Coin Master village level total cost in advance, then the user can make a decision based on current coins balance and village total cost.

Users can start building village items, or wait for enough coins based on village total cost. And, by this users can complete village and smartly saves coins and village from raid or attack.

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