Protect Coin Master Village from Attacks (5 Things to Know)

If your Coin Master game village is attacked by your friends or other players now & then, then listed things in this post are for you.

Village attack pushes you back in the game, because when other players attack on your village, your village items are damaged and you need to spend coins to repair them.

How to protect villages from attacks in the Coin Master game?

You can use shields and a Rhino pet to block village attacks in the Coin Master game. More on this, you can try good practices to avoid attacks. For example, build a village with enough coins, play the game without Facebook connect and request friends to not attack.

Let’s check different tips and ways to protect Coin Master village in detail.

1. Protect Coin Master village by shields

Shields in Coin Master used to block village attacks. You can win shield from Coin Master slot machine. In beginning levels you can hold maximum 3 shields and on higher village levels, you can hold 5 shields in game account.

When friends or other Coin Master attack on your village, these shields block it and one shield decreases from your game account.

So, before starting to build your village, make sure that you have all 3 or 5 shields in your account.

2. Block village attacks with Rhino pet

When you do not have any shields, the Rhino pet will have a certain percentage chance of blocking the attack. Rhino is your backup weapon to block attacks when you have run out of shields.

How to unlock Rhino pet in the Coin Master game? When you complete the Creatures Card Collection, Rhino pet will unlock in your game.

Note: Rhino has a 10% chance of blocking attacks at first hatched. Using XP Potions to level Rhino up, it will increase this chance of blocking attacks.

3. Build your village with enough coins

Build your village when you have enough coins to buy all village items. So, you can complete your Coin Master village in one shot. This practice reduces attack chances because you are completing your village very quickly.

For this technique, you need to save more and more coins in game. But, it also increases the chance to lose coins in Raid. So, here you need to use this technique based on your game situation.

4. Request your friends to not attack on your village (Rare chance)

This is a rare chance option, where you request your friends to not attack in game village, because really fun in game is village attack and raid to friend’s village.

But, you can try this option if some selected friends mostly attack on your village. At the end friends are friends, they never miss a chance to attack in game :).

5. Play Coin Master without Facebook connect

Play Coin Master Game without Facebook connect to save your village from attacks. Well, this is not a highly suggested option, because in this process, you need to remove Coin Master game access from your Facebook account and again need to connect after completing the village complete if required.

So, try to avoid it, if you really do not want to try this process. This process is also known as ghost mode, where your friends do not get the option to attack your village, as you are not playing a game with Facebook login.

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