What is Coin Master ghost mode? (Complete Guide)

Coin Master ghost mode means play the game as a guest. Coin Master offers two ways to play this game, first play with Facebook connect and second is Guest. Here, with the Guest option, you can play Coin Master anonymously. This situation is ghost mode in Coin Master.

So, Coin Master ghost mode means play this game as Guest instead of Facebook login (connect).

How to activate ghost mode in coin master?

Play Coin Master in ghost mode, means playing a game without Facebook login and as a Guest.

Now, there are two situations where you can activate ghost mode in Coin Master.

First time users and already not use Facebook connect in game: first time users can easily activate ghost mode in game. When you open the game, you will get both options “Facebook Play” and “Guest”. Here, you need to select “Guest” mode to play anonymous (ghost mode).

Currently you are playing a game with Facebook connect: in this situation, you will not get playing as a Guest option in game. To get Guest options, you need to disconnect Coin Master game from Facebook connect setting. You can check this blog page to remove Facebook connect.

What are the benefits of Coin Master Guest (Ghost) mode?

The main benefit of playing Coin Master Guest (Ghost) mode is that you can play this game anonymously. It means, your Facebook friends do not find you in their game. So, you will safe from their attack and raid in game.

Another benefit of Guest mode is that you can play Coin Master without sharing Facebook details. You can practice game with Guest mode and take Guest mode benefits. And, after that you can continue game playing with Facebook connect.

At Last,

Hope you understand Coin Master Guest (ghost) mode. And, all the best for game playing.

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