Coin Master user ID and username Guide (Things to Know)

In this post, you will get information about Coin Master game username and user ID. Information includes overview of user id and username, steps to find user id and username, and more related details.

What is Coin Master user ID?

Coin Master user ID is generated when you connect a CM game with Facebook login. When you connect your Facebook account with Coin Master game, then Facebook generates a unique identification number to communicate with Coin Master game. This Facebook connected app User ID is called Coin Master user ID.

Coin Master offers a free reward in game based on this ID, when you play contests and raffles on Coin Master facebook page. This ID also used in Coin Master for internal user specific process.

What is Coin Master username?

Coin Master username is your name in game. Game displays this name to you and other players. This username will be taken automatically by game, if you play this game with Facebook login. And, you can manually set a name, if you play this game in guest mode.

Your username in Coin Master game used at different places. For example, on leaderboard, In village and other places.

Is Coin Master user ID and username are the same?

No, Coin Master user ID and username are different things. Coin Master FB connected app User ID is private, used for internal technical process and visible to you only. On other hand, Username is public and displayed to other Coin Master players.

How to find Coin Master user ID?

You can get Coin Master FB connected User ID using the following steps.

  1. Open Facebook app on mobile device.
  2. Tap “Settings & Privacy” option.
  3. Next, Open “Settings”.
  4. Now, Go to “Apps and Websites” under the Security section.
  5. Tap the “Edit” option of “Logged in With Facebook” section.
  6. Here, Tap Edit option to view Coin Master Details.
  7. Now, in the learn more section you will get a User ID under “Your User ID is” text.

Example of Coin Master User ID:

Coin Master User ID
Coin Master User ID

Suggestion: avoid sharing your game connect user id on public place and use it for official communication only.

How to find your Coin Master username?

You can find your Coin Master username in your current village. To open your current village, you can go to the “Village” screen from the game menu or you can swipe up the game screen (village will be available below slot machine screen).

On your Coin Master game village screen, you will get your username on the top area. Username display near user image.

How to change username in Coin Master game?

Well, the username in Coin Master does not change once it is set in game.

If you start playing a game by linking your Facebook account, then the game uses your Facebook name as a username in the game. Here, you can not change the username from the game side.

Next, if you are playing a game as a guest, then you can set a username for your Viking at the beginning of the game. And, after that you can not change it.

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