Coin Master Helpful FAQs for Add Remove Friends

Invite friend to play coin master game is handy way to earn more spins in game. Also in some cases you may need to remove friend from coin master. Here we try to list FAQs for manage friend in game. Hope you like and found helpful.

Looking for how to manage friend in coin master game, here are some helpful FAQs for how to add friends on coin master?, how to remove friend from coin master?, Coin Master invite friends not working, Friend joined Coin Master game but I did not get spins.

How to remove friend from coin master?

Friends seems not remove directly from game, So, How to remove friends from coin master.

Friends can be removed from the game when they are unfriended on Facebook, after unfriending any friend, mostly within 24 hours friends list is updated and remove from game also. During this time removed friend will still be able to interact with you in the game.

How to add friends on Coin Master?

Invite friend to play coin master game is handy way to earn more spins in game. If friend join game using invitation, you will able to receive up to 150 free spins.

  1. For invite / add friends on Coin Master, first need to play game using Facebook login.
  2. Friends invite can be done from pop-ups, which will show while playing game.
  3. Also friends can be adding from game main menu. For add friend from main menu, First click menu icon, then click “Invite” option from available menu options.
  4. Now from popup, tap on “INVITE” button and follow process to invite Facebook friends.

My friend joined Coin Master game but I did not get spins

There are many possible reasons to not earn spins after friend joined, here are most possible 2 reasons to not getting spins using “Invite Friends” feature.

Possible reason #1 :

Following are some required steps to follow by invited friends for earn spins. So, if this steps not complete properly, may be that was one of reason to not getting spins.

  • Friend invited has never had the game on their device before. It means invited friend if first time user for game.
  • Next complete following steps one by one in one sitting.
  • – Click invitation link
  • – Download the game
  • – Open game
  • – Log in to Facebook

Possible reason #2 :

here is another possible reason, please read following question and answer; it will clear second possible reason for not getting spins.

If two friends send invitation to same person, is both friend get spins when person join game?

No, Here only one friend receives spins, whose link used to join the game.

it means, if two (or more) players invited the same friend, only the one whose link was used will get the spins.

Coin Master invites friends not working

Coin Master Invite friends not working, means, you not able to invite or play with any of your friends in the game, right?

Possible reason for Coin Master Invite friends not working is Coin Master Permission to access your Facebook friends list. Sometimes permissions revoked after update.

for make invite friends feature working in game, need to re-approved access your Facebook friends list permission. Detailed instruction to re-approved permission can be found from game official support site (

Hope you found Coin Master helpful FAQs for add remove friends post helpful.

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