Coin Master Miscellaneous case FAQs

Looking for special coin master game case solutions like: Coin Master game connected to wrong Facebook account, What Are Leaderboards in Coin Master?, How many villages level are there in Coin Master?, Here we try to list possible answers for questions.

Coin Master game connected to wrong Facebook account

This is common case for many users. For solution you can disconnect connected Facebook account and connect proper Facebook account in game. You can remove wrong account from mobile or computer system. Following are steps for both, hope you may like it helpful.

Also please not that your progress in game with wrong Facebook account, will not move to other right account, which you want to connect.

Possible steps from mobile:

1Open the Facebook application in mobile, click on the menu icon(which looks like 3 lines) to the right of the notification icon.
2After opening menu, scroll down and click on Account Settings
3In Account Settings option Scroll down and press on Apps
4Now click on the option Logged in with Facebook
5Scroll down, check for Coin Master and click it.
6Now in page press option Remove App
7Press Remove option.
8Thats it, Now log out of Facebook and then log back with the account you want to play with.
9One last step, restart Coin Master on your mobile device and login to right Facebook account again.

Possible steps from computer system:

1Login to Facebook account from browser.
2You will find drop-down arrow icon, near home button, click it and select Settings option.
3From setting select Apps from left sidebar section.
4You will found Coin Master application in Apps list.
5Mouse over on Coin Master application, click X button and remove application by click Remove button.
6Thats it, Now log out of Facebook and then log back with the account you want to play with.
7One last step, restart Coin Master on your mobile device and login to right Facebook account again.

What is leaderboards in Coin Master game

List of highest ranked players in your friends circle, in your country and in the global Coin Master community. Means highest ranked players from all Coin Master players, listed in leaderboards.

Listed FAQs are for help to game users, we try to update detail time to time, but it may possible detail not updated sometime, In that case, user can also check latest updated details on games official help pages.

How to find your coin master username?

Your Coin Master username can be found in Village. To check you username in Coin Master game: Open main menu, Find VILLAGE at second position, click it and go to Village, at top your photo and username will display.

Is Coin Master an online game?

Yes, Coin Master is an online game. It means, to play this game you need a data connection in your phone or device. You can play Coin Master as a guest or by connecting your Facebook account. But, in all cases, you need online connection.

Coin Master not opening: Troubleshooting steps

Following troubleshooting steps helps to fix Coin Master random issues, if any. These random issues include, crashing, game not opening, freezing and connection error. You can try given steps, if you are facing any issues.

Note: Try steps one by one, if issue is fixed by any of step, then avoid further steps.

  1. Check out for game update, if available, update game to latest version.
  2. Close other running apps, close Coin Master app and re-open Coin Master app.
  3. If the issue continues, again close all apps, clear cache on your phone and restart phone.
  4. Now, open the Coin Master app after restarting the phone.
  5. If the issue persists and you are facing issues in other apps too, then check for your phone update.

At last, if the issue is not solved by above steps, then you can try game reinstalling. But, before doing this, make sure that you are playing a game with Facebook login, because game progress is not saved, if you are playing a game as a guest.

For more detail and contact Coin Master for continue issue, you can check this official troubleshooting support page.

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