Coin Master Game FAQs

This post includes FAQs for the Coin Master game. You will get a detailed answer about Coin Master. If you are looking for such things, then this post is for you (Coin Master player).

Coin Master game how to faqs

Is Coin Master free to play?

Yes, the Coin Master game is free to play. You can download, install and play games on mobile devices. Game is free to download for Android devices on Play Store and for iOS game is free available on App Store. Game has spins, coins and other In-App purchases, which is optional. So, you can play the Coin Master game free.

Does the Coin Master game cost money? Coin Master game cost depends on your action. This game offers different In-App purchases (spins, coins, XP, chests etc.,). These paid packages in game are optional to buy. So, if you buy these packages in the Coin Master game, then the game costs you money. Otherwise, the game does not cost any money.

Is Coin Master offline?

No, Coin Master is an online game. If you open the game without an internet connection, the game will show a “Connection Lost” message and you will not be able to play the game. So, to play the Coin Master game you required an internet connection in your device.

Following message is shown when you open Coin Master in offline mode.

“Connection Lost, Please check your internet connection and try again.”.

Is Coin Master a gambling game?

Actually Coin Master is not gambling game, because in game you will not earn real money. In game to complete village levels, you need to earn coins. And, these coins are earned by spinning the slot machine in game. This spin slot machine and earn coins is game part and this not cost or earn you any real money.

Here, this game also has an in-App purchase which costs you real money, but it is optional and general In-App offers. These In-App offers are normal game offers, which most game apps gives in game.

Do you earn real money on Coin Master? Coins in the Coin Master game are not real money and are part of the game only. These coins used to buy village items in game to complete village level. You can not convert these coins into real money. It’s part of the game only. So, you can not earn real money on Coin Master.

Do the Coin Master hacks and cheats really work?

No, Coin Master hacks and cheats do not work. Many online sources claim that they hack the Coin Master game and give unlimited spins and coins. But, they not provide unlimited rewards which they claims. So, avoid such hacks.

There are some customized game apps which increase speed of the Coin Master spin machine. But, these apps do not hack the game process and levels.

So, if you find any source which claims such hacks and ask to do some actions, then it is better to ignore such things.