How to Get Coin Master Free Spins and Coins? (Complete List)

How to get free Coin Master spins: Coin Master user can get free spins by following ways. Post contains list of ways to get free spins in game.

If you Coin Master game user and want to get more free spins in game, then ways given in this post definitely helps you. All ways are simple. You can get too many free spins that makes you Coin Master.

Following are all possible ways list. This list contains detail for free spins. We will trying to make list updated with new ways, so, you can get more and more spins.

Next, for detailed information of each way, you can read related post and this related post links are given in each section overview.

1. Daily Coin Master free spins links

Coin Master Share daily free spin links on game social pages. User can get free spins from those Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube and Email reward links. These links are free and shared on different time. All game user can be collect reward from links.

Coin master free spins and coin links. Daily new links for free Coin Master spins gift reward. Collect spins from today new, yesterday spins coins links.

Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Daily Links (12+ Working Links)

2. Coin Master Facebook page contests & raffles

Coin Master adds post on social media pages for daily raffles, contests, and giveaways. Game user can take part and get a chance to win amazing free spin rewards from coin master. Coin Master Facebook page contests & raffles is amazing way to get free spins and rewards.

This way is best for get big free rewards, you can win 100 to 600+ free spins, millions of coins and other amazing rewards. Here, you need to follow Coin Master Facebook page and try to be an top page fan with taking active part in every contests & raffles. If you able to give answer quickly, then you may get big rewards.

3. Coin Master Reward Calendar

User can play game daily and collect reward from Reward Calendar. Calendar includes different kind of rewards, including spins. So, if you play game, you will get spins from Reward Calendar based on reward sequence.

Reward calendar is most easy way, where you just need to open game. Calendar will automatically show and you need to tap on related days active reward option. That’s it. Reward will give in your game account.

4. Coin Master Spin gifts

Coin Master Spin gifts: Send gift to your friends one spin each day and they can do the same for you in return. Gifting a spin does not use any of your own spins, and you can give and receive up to 100 spins each day. This is good option to collect spin daily.

If you are playing game with friend groups, then this is great way to collect free spins. Here, from “Gift” option, you can send and collect multiple spin by “Collect & Send All” option. You can quickly collect and send free spins to all your friends in Coin Master game.

5. Completing Card Collections

Coin Master Cards are collection item in game. Player collects card by win it in village level or by trade/exchange with friends in game. Once user complete card set, user will get bigger rewards like, Coin master spins, coins, and pets. Check out Coin Master card and card set FAQs related post on this.

This best way to get healthy amount of spins in Coin Master game. Collect cards from friends, from game and complete your set. It will really help in game.

6. Play Coin Master events

By playing Coin Master events and completing given target, you will get spins and other rewards. Spin or other rewards depends on event type. You can win more rewards in events compare to normal playing. Reward given in different events is based on your village level and even type. For event reward detail, you can check Events Reward List post.

Coin Master also gives free coin and spin gift to user when user open and play Coin Master(Depends on user playing frequency). You may also noticed this, that when you not play game on some day, next day you get free coins or spins reward in your game account.

7. Friend invites

Invite Friends to play Coin Master game is great way to earn free spins and rewards in Coin Master. By this way you will also get chance to play game with friends. User can get spins from invite with given friends invite limit.

Here, you just need to invite friends to play game, and if friend start playing game with your invitation, you will earn spins in game account. There is limit for Friend invites option. It means, you will not get free spins after given friend invitation limit. But, you will get rewards by completing “Friends joined” reward bar.

8. Coin Master Chest

Chest in Coin Master is like treasure box. Coin Master Chest have different kind of rewards. In some chest user will get spins rewards too.

You can win chest box from village completion, event, reward calendar, card set completion and more. The probability for receiving amount of spins from chest is depend on village level.

9. Play Coin Master Game after Some Interval

Play game after some interval is also a working way. Coin Master gives a spin gift when you play a game after some interval. Maximum received spins gift is 50 spins. Spins and 2.5M+ coins are two possible gifts in this method. In most cases, users get coins as a gift. But, if users wait a bit more than 10+ hours, then there is a chance to receive spins from this way.

10. Request spins in My team

Teams is new update in Coin Master game. In team you can request for free spins to teammates. Each teammates can give you help of 2 spins by tapping Help button of your request.

You can make spins request with interval of 8 hour, and each request gives 10 spins. So, by Coin Master teams “Request spin” feature, you can get 30 spins daily.

11. Complete Coin Master Village Level

Users will get free spins, chest and coins on completing village level in Coin Master. Rewards are depends on village level. The higher village you complete, the higher rewards you will get.

So, playing Coin Master and completes village level is also one option to get free spins in game.

12. Cards for Chests

“Cards for Chests” feature is available in the Coin Master “Card Collection” section. By using this feature you can trade your duplicate cards for exciting new free chests.

And, the Chest which you get by Cards for Chests feature can give you free spins.

This way is like point-8 in this post, but this is added separately because this is a quick option to get free spins by trading duplicate cards.

13. Free spin rewards from promotional packs offers

Coin Master offers free and paid rewards packs in different events. For example, Magical MOHAWK.

These promotional offers are for a limited time and it gives a chance to collect free spins, coins, XPs and more.

Actually, in these promotions different rewards packs are showing and first 2-3 packs are free, then after paid packs are given.

So, when this promotion popups shown in the game, you can collect free rewards and ignore paid ones.

14. Flying Balloons

Flying Balloons in the Coin Master game is also a source to collect free spins. Balloons are flying on the game screen when it is active in the game.

You will find many Balloons on screen and some of them have spins.

To collect spins from these balloons, you need to quickly tap on these balloons and pop them before they fly away from the screen.

15. Coin Master Facebook Page Chat – Ask Daily Gift Link

Coin Master gives daily gift links on Facebook page chat when users ask Coin Master.

If you follow Coin Master Facebook page, then this is great option to get daily gift link from Facebook page chat or from Coin Master Messenger chat.

That’s it.

Above are different ways to get free coin master spins. Different ways listed in post are common and you may already using some of them. There are also some unique ways in list, that definitely helps you to get more free spins. We will try to update more ways in list, once we found new way.

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