What is Coin Master Spin Rewards Friends Invite Limit?

Coin Master spin rewards friends invite limit is 250 Friends invite. Users who received all spin rewards by 250 friends invite will not get more spin rewards in future.

Coin Master spin rewards friends invite limit

250 Friends invite. If user send request to join Coin Master and all 250 friends join game, that user get 50 spin reward for each joined friend, but user will not get reward for new friend joining after that.

Do Coin Master friends invite limit is per day limit? NO, Limit is not per day based. Friends invite limit in Coin Master game is based on total number based. It means once 250 new users join the game using your requests, then after you will not get spins for new friends game joining.

What is maximum free spin reward by friends invite?

Max eligible friend invite limit is 250 and 50 free spin reward given by Coin Master for successful joined friend. So, total free spin reward by friends invite is 250 * 50 = 12500 free spins.

How to get free spins if friends invite limit over?

No worries, if your friends invite limit over. There are many other ways to get free spin and coin rewards. You may like following list for Coin Master free reward gifts.

Hope you like information for friends invite limit and other free source of free Coin Master spins and coins reward.