Coin Master Tips and Tricks – No hacks

Coin Master game playing tips and tricks – No hacks. Right, No Coin Master hacks. Just simple Coin Master tips and tricks which help to complete village level fast.

Here we explain normal steps or game feature usage timing and way of use. Coin Master game way of use coins, spins, daily bonus, pets and other things like promotion video reward helps to complete village level fast and be a Coin Master.

Let’s check some useful tips and tricks one by one. Hope you like to use in game playing, And yes, we not give any hacking tips here because we think that there is no hacks. There is only smart ways to play game.

1. Collect spins and use at right time

If you do not have enough spins, Be patient and try to collect more spins. With 10-15 spins user can not complete level fast.

So, tips is play with enough spins. Also loose your spins in good and amazing events. If you think some events not good for your game level, wait for amazing events.

2. Try to complete level in one shot

Do not save too many coins.

Coin Master have cool Raid feature. If you save coins, not buy village item and not complete village. It may chance to other user raid and stole it.

So, tip is plan your level, play game and complete village as soon as possible to avoid loosing coins in Raid.

3. Never miss daily bonuses

Coin Master gives daily bonus to users. User can collect it interval of 24 hours. User can collect 50K to 20 Million or even more coins based on luck and game level.

So, tip is Never miss daily bonuses, it helps to complete village level fast.

Read more on Daily Bonus Wheel

4. Collect daily free rewards from links

Coin Master share daily links for free rewards. Links share in different social sites, like FB page, Instagram page, twitter etc., Also some special links which comes from different sources. Collect rewards from it get extra spins and coins.

So, tip is Collect daily free rewards from links. For game fans we try to list all links HERE(Coin master free spin and coin links), you may like it.

5. Feed pet and use it in Raid

In every raid 3 spots contain chests or coins from 4 spots. One spot is empty. Foxy (The pet) which unlocked at 4th village helps to earn more coins in raid by digging up the 4th “X” spot.

So, tip is Feed pet and use it in Raid to earn more coins.

6. Watch promotional videos and earn rewards

Coin Master gives free spins and coins rewards if user watch promotion videos. If you think watching videos can use a lot of mobile data. You can try this feature when using Wi-Fi.

So, Watch promotional videos and earn rewards. It’s based on spin coin shortage, you can use this tip based on requirement.

Note: Watch promotional videos feature available in old game versions, seems this feature not available in latest versions.

7. Be a master of Raid

Coin Master raid helps to earn more coins and other things quickly. Try to get more raid or try to attend more raid events.

So, tip is Be a master of Raid and get quick coins to complete village. You can check Coin Master raid helpful tips tricks and FAQs to be a Master.

8. Play Coin Master as guest in beginning

Play Coin Master as guest in beginning to get all possible benefits which available for guest user. Once you get all advantages and rewards as guest you can start playing game with Facebook login. With this trick you can collect all rewards from both user type guest and Facebook connect.

9. Play Coin Master with Facebook connect

Coin Master gives bonus when user play game with Facebook connect. e.g., 50 spins, coins etc., Also in daily free spin and coin links Facebook connect user get more amount of coins.

So, tip is Play Coin Master with Facebook connect, if you OK with it.

10. Avoid useless Coin Master hack tricks and suggestion

When you search Coin Master related words on net, you will get tons of result with different websites, videos and Apps links.

Result websites, videos and apps claims they provide Coin Master hack, when user follow instruction(visit page, install app, watch video…etc) provided in result links, User getting nothing and waste his/her valuable time and mobile data.

So, tip is Avoid useless Coin Master hack tricks and suggestion sources. Just read practical and genuine Coin master tips and tricks from blogs like this and follow if you thinks tips is proper. Never follow instruction blindly to get rewards.

11. Win gift by Coin Master Facebook page post reply

Coin Master post daily post on game official Facebook page. Some time they post puzzle which includes find the difference in picture, take screenshot from moving image gif, Find something in image etc.,

You can take part in this. It’s simple, just login to Facebook, open Coin Master game facebook page, check for latest post like this. Now make comment in post with solution which they ask in post. If you comment right answer quickly, your chance increase to win gift in game by Coin Master.

12. Collect all the cards and complete sets

You can win amazing rewards by complete card sets. Collect all the cards to complete set. You can win card from game, get from friend or get required card by exchange. There are also Facebook groups for card trading.

Coin Master winning reward with completed card set is depends on card set and level. You will get big rewards on complete higher level card set.

13. Get daily reward from Reward Calendar

Reward Calendar is nice feature for Coin Master game users. When you open game, game will shows you day wise reward calendar and option to collect reward. You will get reward based on regular game playing day. You can get spins, coins, Chest, XP and more gifts from calendar.

Thanks for reading post. We will update more useful Coin Master game playing tips and tricks once we found new helpful tips.

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  1. These tips are good for new players & beginners,, but in the higher levels they dont help much when it costs 25 to 50 billion coins to build a village…
    It becomes very challenging to build villages….

  2. You are right, these tips will help beginner and medium level players. Some of the tips are basic practices which are helpful at all levels.

    In Coin Master advance level village development required more efforts and best practices. We will try to update more tips for advance level.

    Thanks for giving your views on this post.

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