Coin Master game Resources or Items Meaning and Description

Coin Master game most used words and terms simple meaning and description. Here tried to describe simple meaning of Coin Master game terminology, which may be helpful for new and existing game users.

Coin Master game most used words and terms simple meaning and description. Simple game terminology description for spin, coin, raid, event, attack, cards, village etc., in Coin Master game.


Coin Master spin is main action in game, when user click red spin button, amazing three spin options move and stop after some seconds, based on result combination user get option or rewards in game (e.g., coins, raid option, attack option etc.,).

so, number of chance to click spin button is called spin in Coin Master game.


Coin Master Game different level completed by build and complete village. To develop or create village user have to buy different village items from village shop in game. Coins in game used to buy this village items and its just number and virtual coins 🙂

Raid option in Coin Master game

Raid event or option in Coin Master Game is cool, when users spin and result comes of three pigs, user can raid to suggested friend/game user village.

In Coin Master game raid shows 4 cross mark option to player in other user village, now when user click any cross icon, digging start and player earn coin from other player. Note: this raid in game is virtual and part of game only 🙂

Attack option in Coin Master game

Attack option in Coin Master game, When user spin and result comes of three hammer icons, user can Attack to suggested friend village or specific selected friend village to revenge(if user previously attack on user village in game).

In Coin Master Attack option, user has option to break other user village things and in result user earn coin rewards in game.

Card and Card sets

Card and Card sets is one of option to earn reward in game.

Card have cool image and name, Card set is collection of 9 cards, when all card complete in set, defined spin or coin reward(500 spins etc.,) given to user in game.

How user get cards in coin master game? : User get card by complete village, from raid option and from other game user(friend) by send card option.


Event gives new challenge and amazing rewards on event completion in Coin Master Game. Daily cool and surprising events comes in game, user have to complete event for grab rewards in game. Here is list of some events for game: Coin Master events.


Village in Coin Master Game is something like level. User have to complete village, once village completed user goes to next village means next level in game.

How to complete village in game: To complete village user have to create 6-7 things in village( This things create by purchasing things from game village shop option using game coins ). Note, this village shop, purchase village things, coin etc. are virtual things and just part of game.


Shields in Coin Master game used to protect village from other users attack. Every user have maximum 3(three) shields in game.

What if i already have 3 shield in stock and get new shield? Well, here new shield not include in stock and you will get spin back, so, your spin not waste on extra shield.

If you have enough shield in stock, you will little sure that your village not harmed at least for 3 attacks.

Village shop

Village shop is option where user have to buy items for village. User can buy item using virtual coins

To complete village, user have to complete 5 item. All 5 items can buy from village shop, every item can buy in 5 stage with different amount of coins, once all item set in village, village level completes and user move to next village level.

Daily Bonus

Daily bonus is cool feature in game, daily bonus option available in menu or at bottom right corner.

When you click daily bonus option, spin wheel option display, when you click red spin button, wheel moves and user will win coins. Amount of coins in daily bonus available based on level.

Read more on Daily Bonus Wheel


By using Gifts option, game user can send and receive Free Spins, Free Coins and Cards.

User can send and receive daily 100 spins.

User can collect and Gift back daily 5K coins to 100 friends.

Gifts is nice option if you have healthy friends list.

Village Map

Village Map is option to show list of village levels and user current level. By checking Map in Coin Master you knows where you are and how many levels in queue to complete.

Buy Coins/Spins

Buy Coins/Spins is option to buy coins or spins immediately, if spins or coins empty. But here you have to spend real money :).

Village news

Village news is used to know all game activity, what your friends doing in game.

Village news shows detail of raid and which friend stole how much coins from you in game.

What are stars?

Coin Master stars collected throughout the game. Stars used to keep rank and place players on the Leaderboards.

How to earn Coin Master stars?: Stars can be earned by complete village items and by collecting new cards. For every village item upgrade user will earn one star. For card reward, stars earn which will shown on top of each one.

Note: Duplicate cards do not earn stars.

Super Bet

Super Bet in Coin Master increase rewards. It means game user get more reward when complete mission. It enhance user game experiece. Bet level depend on user spin amount in account. More spins in account, the higher user can bet.

Viking Quest missions

Viking Quest missions can be shown above spin button while playing Viking Slots. e.g., If the Mission is to win 12.5M Coins it means that the user must earn 12.5M Coins while spinning the Vikings Slots to receive their reward.

Types of Viking Quest mission

Regular missions: User need to earn certain amount of coins. Once user earn it, user able to receive reward.

Regular missions: User need to earn certain amount of coins. Here user need to earn coins by hitting three Bonus Wheel icons in a row.

Cool benefit: Coins won in the Viking Slots are three minute Raid protected. Three minute time start once each Viking spin button pressed.

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