How to Get to The Jade Chamber? (The Floating Palace)

In Genshin Impact, you can access Jade Chamber via Bu’yun in between Equilibrium and Heart of Glaze quests.

The Jade Chamber (Floating Palace) again accessible after finishing The Crane Returns on the Wind.

After this, It can be teleported via the map marker or can be accessed through Bu’yun.

Let’s check the answer in detail and step by step.

How to Get to the Jade Chamber?

To get to the Jade Chamber,

Get invitation from Ningguang:

First, you need to start Soaring Palace quest, In quest you get invitation from Ningguang.

Activate Anemo Pinwheel:

On climbing Tianheng Mountain, Paimon will offer you a look around. Here, look for nearby Anemo Pinwheel and activate it using any Anemo Character.

Meet Keqing:

Next, go to the Guizhong ballista marked on the map. Here, fight some Millelites. After a complete battle you meets Keqing.

Keqing informs you the correct path to the chamber and gives the secret code. You need to submits the secret code to Bu’yun at the Yuehai Pavilion to get allowed onto the Jade Chamber.

Find gifts for Ningguang:

Here, before getting into the Chamber, find gift for Ningguang by following markers.

After collecting a gift, Bu’yun will be marked on a map. Here, talk to Bu’yun and you will be taken to the Jade Chamber.

Now, you can always teleport there through the map marker or you can take help of Bu’yun.

That’s it.

Hope you find how to get to the Jade Chamber guide helpful and simple.