Coin Master Gems Guide (How to Get Free Gems)

Coin Master Gems guide includes overview of gems, ways to get free gems and other gems related things to know.

Let’s get started,

What is Gems in Coin Master game?

Gems are In-game currency in Coin Master. You can trade Gems in the gems market for selection of game offers and get rewards.

Gems new feature is available for villages 90+.

You can see, how many Gems you have at the top of your screen (near stars count).

This feature was introduced on 12 Sept. 2022. For some players it was available a months ago and now it is available for all players(level 90+).

What is The Gems Market?

The Gems Market in Coin Master is a market of game offers. Here, you can trade using your Gems and buy offer packs.

You can buy Coin Craze, Village Mania, different offer pack chests in Gems Market using your Gems.

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How to get free Gems in Coin Master?

Game events reward, gems feature unlock reward and achievements prizes are different ways to get free gems in Coin Master.

Let’s know them in detail,

1. Coin Master Events

The main free source to collect free Gems in Coin Master is Events. There are many existing events and new events will be available.

By playing events, you will get a chance to win Gems rewards. All events show their rewards, you can check the event rewards list before starting playing.

2. Free Gems on gems feature unlock

Gems feature unlocked in Coin Master after levels 90+. You will get 250 free Gems when this feature is unlocked for you.

3. Achievements prizes

You can get free gems in Achievements prizes. In Achievements, you will get different prizes for different day wise tasks. Gems are also part of these prizes.

4. Chests with Diamond probability

In Coin Master, Space Diamond Chest, Robot Wonder Chest and Stellar Sci-Fi Chest have probability for receiving at least one of the gems amount.

You can collect these chests for free as an event task reward. Event tasks can be to collect event items or play event mini games. Another way to get these chests is free promotional offers.

5. Promotional free offers

Free game resources offered in Promotional offers. These offers are listed on the game main screen left side.

Here, open this promotional offer popup and check for free gems offer or free chest offer and claim to get free gems.

6. Gems promotion packs (paid)

You can buy Gems promotion packs from the game shop. But, it is a paid option. This way is listed here for users who may be interested in quick gems by buying them.

There will be more ways to get free gems, but currently Gems feature is new. So, we need to wait for some time to know more ways.

Coin Master Gems Guide
Coin Master Gems Guide