Genshin Impact Characters Height Age Birthday and Model (Table)

This post includes information about Genshin Impact characters height, age, birthday and model.

Characters in Genshin Impact game are separated by genders (male, female) and height sizes (tall, medium and short) combinations.

Some things are determined based on the character’s height. For example, walk, run, sprint speed and climbing distance.

It means, given approximate character details helps you in use of character in game.

Genshin Impact Characters Height Age Birthday and Model (Approximate)

Following is table for Genshin Impact game characters height, age, model and birthday detail.

CharacterHeight in cm(feet)Age in yearsModelBirthday by month
Arataki Itto193.4 (6’4″)24Tall maleJun 1
Zhongli188.9 (6’2″)6000+Tall maleDec 31
Tartaglia188.8 (6’2″)21Tall maleJul 20
Kamisato Ayato188.4 (6’2″)24Tall maleMar 26
Thoma187.5 (6’1″)Tall maleJan 9
Kaeya187.3 (6’1″)22Tall maleNov 30
Diluc186.8 (6’1″)22Tall maleApr 30
Kujou Sara178.1 (5’10”)Tall femaleJul 14
Rosaria175.5 (5’9″)24Tall femaleJan 24
Shenhe175.3 (5’9″)Tall femaleMar 10
Raiden Shogun174.7 (5’8″)500+Tall femaleJun 26
Lisa174.6 (5’8″)26 or 28Tall femaleJun 9
Yelan174.2 (5’8″)Tall femaleApr 20
Jean173.9 (5’8″)20Tall femaleMar 14
Eula173.6 (5’8″)19Tall femaleOct 25
Ningguang172.7 (5’7″)25Tall femaleAug 26
Yae Miko172.7 (5’7″)500+Tall femaleJun 27
Beidou172.5 (5’7″)27Tall femaleFeb 14
Sayu133.8 (4’4″)14 or 15Short femaleOct 19
Qiqi132.2 (4’4″)8 (100+)Short femaleMar 3
Klee130.6 (4’3″)10Short femaleJul 27
Diona130.5 (4’3″)12Short femaleJan 18
Bennett168.5 (5’6″)16Medium maleFeb 29
Xingqiu167.8 (5’6″)17Medium maleOct 9
Venti167.7 (5’6″)15(2600+)Medium maleJun 16
Kaedehara Kazuha167.5 (5’6″)Medium maleOct 29
Aether167.3 (5’5″)Medium male
Chongyun166.7 (5’5″)17Medium maleSept 7
Gorou166.4 (5’5″)16 or 17Medium maleMay 18
Razor166.2 (5’5″)16Medium maleSept 9
Albedo165.8 (5’5″)18Medium maleSept 13
Xiao165.5 (5’5″)2000+Medium maleApr 17
Yoimiya164.8 (5’4″)16 or 17Medium femaleJun 21
Sangonomiya Kokomi163.1 (5’4″)18Medium femaleFeb 22
Ganyu162.9 (5’4″)3000+Medium femaleDec 2
Kuki Shinobu162.8 (5’4″)Medium femaleJul 27
Aloy162.7 (5’4″)18Medium femaleApr 4
Noelle162.6 (5’4″)15Medium femaleMar 21
Keqing162.4 (5’4″)17Medium femaleNov 20
Kamisato Ayaka162.0 (5’3″)Medium femaleSept 28
Mona161.9 (5’3″)19Medium femaleAug 31
Xiangling161.9 (5’3″)14Medium femaleNov 2
Fischl161.8 (5’3″)16Medium femaleMay 27
Barbara161.7 (5’3″)16Medium femaleJul 5
Lumine161.5 (5’3″)Medium female
Xinyan161.3 (5’3″)16 or 17Medium femaleOct 16
Yun Jin160.0 (5’2″)18 or 20Medium femaleMay 21
Amber159.9 (5’2″)16 or 18Medium femaleAug 10
Hu Tao159.6 (5’2″)20Medium femaleJul 15
Sucrose159.4 (5’2″)18Medium femaleNov 26
Yanfei159.2 (5’2″)Medium femaleJul 28

Here, the game character height’s inch lower round value is considered.

Note: Here, presented data is prepared from different online sources, in-game and guesses. So, it may not be 100% accurate. But, data listed here with the hope that most game users like to check this approximate information. Most ages and heights are guesses.

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