Free Spin and Coins for Coin Master FAQs – Frequently asked questions

free spin and coins for coin master FAQs – Frequently asked questions. Solutions and answers for Free Spin and Coin Links blog Frequently asked questions.

Free Spin and Coin Links for coin master FAQs: Why link not work and showing: You already received the gift from this link? Why i am not getting latest links some days? When new links updated in “Free Spin and Coin Links”?. What is Free Spin and Coin Links blog for?

What is “Free Spin and Coin Links” blog for?

Provide daily free spin and coin links. Links used to get free spin and coin rewards in Coin Master. The main purpose of blog is to list all possible links at one place, which posted in different fb pages and email notifications.

Why link not work and showing “You already received the gift from this link”?

Links collected from different fb pages and listed at app. Mostly there are limited links given in different places, So if you already follow some fb page and clicked link from their and collected rewards. In such cases it may possible, you face link already used message.

Why i am not getting latest links some days?

Mostly links available daily, but sometime due to unexpected circumstances we not able to updated links, in that case you not able to get latest links.

When new links updated in “Free Spin and Coin Links” blog?

We update links daily when links available, mostly we update links at noon and at evening. So, if you open app in this time, you get latest links for free spin and coins.

Send me 500/1000 spins?

Some users asking for more spins, like Plx send me 1000 spins.

We understand requirement of spin as a gamer, but friends There seems always links for limited rewards, provide more spins is not in our hand. We just collect links and list for you.

But we will always try to available latest links as soon as possible.

How many days old links we can use? (Link expiration period)

Nice question from app user.

Some links are for limited period, e.g., 2hr/4-5hr that will be shows expire message same day.(such links are rare.) Mostly we check all links and not add expired links.

Normal links seems work for all users who using them first time. Here in app last 18-20 days old links maintained. You can test it any time, if you think some old links you missed.

Why some days spin link not available?

Actually all listed links collected from different sources, mostly links shared by Coin Master, so, its depends on Coin Master to provide spin link.

Some days spin link not provided, so it not updated in blog post.

Why Coin Master spin and coin links not work in my laptop?

Coin Master reward link works perfect in mobile and tablet devices. Coin Master game available for mobile/tablet and links works best in it. Some user install game in laptop(may be by some tricks), so, for those users, it may possible that reward link not work. Link will work perfect for normal users.

Hope details found helpful to you. Here is guide to get Coin master free spin and coins, you definitely like it.

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  1. We updated daily available links asap in App and here in month wise post. Please keep vising app/blog so you will get free spin links quickly.

  2. From last 3-4 days links available bit late.
    So it updated at end of the day.
    Seems from now it will available in regular time.

  3. Je n'arrive pas à mettre le jeu en français ! J'ai uniquement anglais et espagnol !Y a til moyen de changer la langue française

  4. Désolé, mais nous ne sommes pas un partisan officiel du jeu et n'avons pas plus de détails sur les paramètres de langue. Nous pouvons vous aider pour les liens de récompense. J'espère que tu as compris.

  5. Mine says same already used can I get some free spins and coins I've spent lots of money on spins which don't really matter just thought it would be nice Thank you

  6. You can get daily spin coin reward link from blog, link given in end of article. hope this found helpful.

  7. Why are there some people getting a rewards calender and some are mot. Id like to have one also. Im a loyal player and love this game. Thank tou coinmaster

  8. De ce cand adaug câte un prieten nou nu imi mai primesc spinurile mi sa intamplat de destule ori m-am asigurat că nu au mai jucat jocul înainte

  9. How come I can never collect free spins and coins?when I press on the green button, it always goes to another screen that has a collect button and when I press on it, it does not work. When I go back to the screen to do it again it’s not green any more?

  10. Not able to replicate issue, which you mention.
    But no worry, Our suggestion for such random issue is following.
    – Click link first time normally
    – Go to new page and click collect (may be not work here)
    – Now go back to link list page and click same (grey)link again
    – Clink Collect button in opened page (it will work)

    Link no more green, it means you clicked link before.
    You can click non green (grey)link and try again for collect reward.

    Thanks for query, hope this solution work for you.

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