Coin Master Pet Crew Feature Guide

This guide is about the Coin Master Pet Crew feature. You will know what is the Pet Crew feature, required level, benefits and more things about this new feature.

Coin Master Pet Crew feature

Pet Crew is the crew of all pets in Coin Master. In Pet Crew, you can use Foxy, Tiger and Rhino pets at the same time. Feature allows you to feed them all and take advantage of your pets crew.

  • Feature name – Pet Crew
  • Benefits – Allow to feed all pets and use at the same time.
  • Required level – 200+
  • Release date – July 11, 2023

It means,

By using the Pet Crew feature, You can take advantage of Foxy power in Raid, Tiger power in Attack and protect your village from attacks using Rhino power at the same time.

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How to use all pets at the same time – Pet Crew Coin Master

To use multiple or all pets at the same time in Coin Master, you need to reach level 200+. On this level, you get the Pet Crew feature, which allows you to use multiple pets at the same time.

In Pet Crew, to use 2 or all pets at the same time, you need to feed all the pets, whom you want to use at the same time.

Pet Crew Reward Calendar

In Coin Master, you get Pet Crew Reward Calendar with Pet Crew feature. This calendar can be available for a limited time.

Here, you get five different rewards. You need to collect each reward to unlock the next one. You can collect each reward within a 12 hour interval.

Calendar rewards include pet food, XPs, spins, gems and more in-game items.

This Pet Crew feature is new in Coin Master. Here we tried to provide all the information for this. More information will be updated based on Pet Crew feature use and other players’ shared experience.