How to Get Free Coin Master XP Potions and Pet Snack Treats?

Coin Master XP potions and pet snack treats used to power up and feed pets in game. In this post, you will know 8 different ways to get XP and pet snacks free in Coin Master.

Let’s get started,

Following are different ways to get free XP Potions and Pet Snack in Coin Master game.

1. XP Potions or Treats while spinning as extra rewards

While you play the Coin Master game and spinning slot machine, Coin Master gives you extra rewards in the form of XP potions or pet snacks.

From this option, you will get a small reward, but it’s free and extra reward on top of spinning result reward.

2. Feed daily free pet snack to your pet

In the Coin Master game you will get free pet snacks with an interval of 24 hours. When you play Coin Master, never miss this free pet snack once in a day.

3. Promotional deals: take each deal to further reveal

Promotional deal popups are a very good option to collect some free rewards. Free XPs is also one of the reward options in this promotional deal.

You can take a free XPs deal from these promotional deals, whenever it is available for free.

4. Complete village or fixing your village items

You will get XPs, spins, coins and chests bonus rewards, when you complete your village level.

There are also chances to earn free XPs potions by fixing your village items. Village items which are damaged due to other player’s attacks.

5. Take part in tournaments and events

Coin Master tournaments and events are great options to win different free rewards. So, play and win different tournaments and events to get free XP portions.

6. Win chests to get free XPs

Chests in the Coin Master game are packs of spins, coins, XPs, cards and more rewards.

There are different ways to win chests in the Coin Master game. Use these ways and get a chance to win chests which gives you free XPs and more rewards.

7. Complete cards sets to get free XP Potions rewards

Every card set in Coin Master gives free rewards on completion. Most card sets give free spins as a reward, but some card sets give XP potions, spins and other items in rewards.

So, when you complete such a card set, you will get free XP potions in game.

8. Daily reward calendar

Coin Master reward calendar gives day wise daily free rewards, if players play the game daily basis.

Here, you need to daily play the Coin Master game till you reach a particular day reward where XP or Pet snack is available.

That’s it for now,

Hope you find this list of ways for free Coin Master XP Potions and Pet Snack Treats helpful.

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