Creatures of Sonaria – Tokens Value List

This post is all about Creatures of Sonaria Tokens value list. List items contain Token name and possible worth value in Mush. Tokens’ value list helps to find the best Token in game.

Tokens are designed to perform special actions on creatures. You can access them in the main menu Tokens section. Tokens’ trading value helps to know the worth of Tokens.

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Creatures of Sonaria Tokens value list

Following is the latest Creatures of Sonaria tradable Tokens value list. In the list, the first bold part is Token name and last is Tokens’ possible trading worth value in Mush (m).

  • Appearance Change Token worth – 150
  • Full Mission Unlock Token worth – ?
  • Full Mission Unlock Token worth – 2k
  • Galaxy Exploration Token worth – ?
  • Max Growth Token worth – 500
  • Mecha Exploration Token worth – ?
  • Monster Exploration Token worth – 1k
  • Partial Growth Token worth – 200
  • Partial Mission Unlock Token worth – 250
  • Photovore Exploration Token worth – ?
  • Random Gacha Spin Token worth – 25
  • Random Trial Creature Token worth – 75
  • Recode Token worth – 2.8k
  • Revive Token worth – 800-1k
  • Session Gacha Token worth – ?
  • Storm Bringer Token worth – 500
  • Strong Glimmer Token worth – 250
  • Sweet Exploration Token worth – 500-1k
  • Traveler’s Gacha Token worth – ?
  • Weak Glimmer Token worth – 150

In the game you find different types of Tokens. Here, in the above list, you get all tradable Tokens’ value list.

At Last,

Tokens trading values change from time to time and we will try to update new values here after some interval. So, keep in touch for the latest values.