Palworld Big Tree Mystery Explained

Curious about the big giant tree in Palworld’s north-western horizon? Here’s an in-depth exploration of what’s known so far, accompanied by fan theories and potential game updates.

Palworld Big Tree
Palworld Big Tree
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Overview of the Big Tree

The big tree in Palworld’s the north-western corner of the map is a mystery. Currently (as of the latest game version), you can’t reach it in the game, even with flying Pals, due to an invisible barrier.

Rumors and Fan Speculations About Big Tree

People wonder about the tree’s purpose in Palworld. Some say it’s just for decoration, while others think it might have a role in future updates or DLCs.

Developers often take inspiration from fan theories, creating room for exciting possibilities.

Big Tree Challenges: Navigating Invisible Obstacles

Players trying to reach the tree have faced disappointment, encountering only a big obstacle. Even using water Pals and flying mounts doesn’t work—they all hit an invisible barrier blocking the upper map.

How to Pass the Invisible Wall (Red barrier)

Overcoming the red barrier involves a unique underwater approach.

  1. Stand as close as possible to the invisible red barrier.
  2. Unsummon your Pal mount and quickly summon it back while ensuring it stays beneath the surface.
  3. Hold the “F” key and swim toward the red barrier in one direction.
  4. If done correctly, you’ll be teleported to an underground area beneath the invisible wall.
  5. Walk towards the edge of the map, following the still visible underwater wall.
  6. Once at the meeting point of the map’s edge and the red barrier, jump over the edge.
  7. Experience a brief fall, and the game will warp you back up on the other side of the invisible wall.

By unsummoning and resummoning your Pal mount near the wall, you can swim beneath the red barrier, teleporting to an underground area. Follow the underwater wall until reaching the map’s edge, then jump over to land on the other side of the invisible barrier.

Check out NackteCannon’s video for a visual guide

Is the Big Tree Part of Upcoming Content?

Upon reaching the Big Tree, another invisible obstacle awaits exploration. At present, it seems impassable, suggesting future content in development.

Palworld is in early access, and the developers plan regular updates with new features, content, and improvements. Keep an eye out for story-related additions around Palworld’s Big Tree, slated for upcoming updates.

Embark on this mysterious journey, and stay tuned for evolving revelations in the world of Palworld.


The information presented is predicated upon the present state of the Palworld game and may be subject to alterations with prospective updates. Given the game’s early access status, elements such as features, accessibility, and content may undergo modifications through patches or downloadable content (DLCs). The strategies outlined for reaching the Big Tree are derived from online sources; however, players are advised to consult official sources for the most up-to-date game updates and announcements.

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