How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld: A Simple Guide

Wheat seeds are crucial for growing wheat in your Palworld base, which unlocks baking delicious snacks and attracting Pals for breeding. Here’s how to get them quickly and easily.

Palworld Wheat Seeds: How to Get Quick Answer | Purchase Seeds | Defeat or Capture Pals | Wheat Plantation

Get Wheat Seeds Fast in Palworld:

Wheat seeds can be obtained through purchasing them from Wandering Merchants or by defeating or capturing certain pals.

Each wheat seed costs 100 gold coins when purchased. Grass-type pals such as Dinossom, Flopie, Bristla, Robinquill, and Robinquill Terra will drop wheat seeds upon being defeated or captured.

Additionally, captured pals can be butchered using the Meat Cleaver (unlocked at level 12) to obtain additional seeds.

1. Purchase from Wandering Merchants

Visit the Wandering Merchant in the Small Settlement west of the Plateau of Beginnings.

Each wheat seed costs 100 gold coins.

Tip: Activate the fast travel point for quick access.

2. Defeat or Capture Specific Pals for Wheat Seeds

Several Grass-type Pals drop wheat seeds upon defeat or capture:

  • Dinossom (easy to find near spawn areas)
  • Flopie (common in later zones)
  • Bristla (common in later zones)
  • Robinquill (Ancient Ritual Site, -14, -293)
  • Robinquill Terra (Ancient Ritual Site, -14, -293)


Capture Pals instead of defeating them to get multiple drops.

Butcher captured Pals with the Meat Cleaver (unlocked at level 12) for additional seeds.

The Ancient Ritual Site (coordinates -14, -293) is a great spot to farm wheat seeds due to the concentration of Robinquill, Bristla and Cinnamoth.

Dinossom can also be used to maintain your wheat plantation once you build it.

3. Craft and Automate Your Wheat Plantation

Next Steps after getting Wheat seeds are farming and crafting:

  • Unlock the Wheat Plantation technology at level 15.
  • Plant your seeds and assign Pals for planting, watering, and gathering.
  • Craft a Mill (level 15) to turn wheat into flour.
  • Use flour to bake delicious Cakes for happy Pals and breeding.


Check the Paldeck habitat information to see where to find specific Pals.

Consider your playstyle and resources when choosing between buying or hunting seeds.

Note: game content may evolve with updates, so always check official sources for the latest information.

I hope this clear and concise guide helps you get started with wheat farming in Palworld.

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