King Of Avalon Diamonds: Your Guide to In-Game Currency

Diamonds in KING OF AVALON (KOA) are the game’s currency, allowing you to buy various in-game bundles or items, excluding Diamonds.

You can purchase Diamonds at This direct purchase is from the company itself, bypassing third-party platforms.

How to Get Diamonds

Purchase at

Diamonds can be acquired directly from the company’s website, This method offers additional perks, such as bonus coupons providing discounts for future diamond purchases.

Diamond Usage and Limitations

Diamond Payment Eligibility:

To utilize diamonds for in-game transactions, ensure your diamond balance is greater than 0. First-time diamond buyers might need to initiate a top-up to unlock this payment method.

Platform Limitations:

Some platform versions may not currently support diamond payments. Keep an eye out for updates, as more platforms are expected to accommodate diamond top-ups in the future.

Understanding Coupons

Coupon Acquisition:

Coupons, providing discounts and bonuses, can be obtained through various means (Current ways):

  • Logging in to the PC version of KOA.
  • Participating in community events.

Coupon Validity:

Each coupon comes with a unique expiry date, and it can only be used once before it expires. Avoid reusing coupons to prevent potential issues.

Coupon Usage:

Coupons are automatically validated during the order placement process. Users have the flexibility to choose whether or not to apply a coupon at checkout.

Combine coupons and discounts:

Combining coupons and discounts is not supported. Generally, only one type of discount can be applied per order.

Additional Information

Top-Up Support:

Not all platform versions currently support diamond top-ups. Check for updates, as more platforms are expected to offer this feature in the future.

Locating Lord ID (UID):

Find your UID by tapping the avatar in the top-left corner of the game interface.

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It’s important to note that diamonds, the primary in-game currency, are typically purchased with real money. While they open the door to a myriad of exciting features, users should be aware that acquiring diamonds involves real-world financial transactions.