Monster Legends Breeding Combinations and Guide

This page presents a Monster Legends breeding calculator and a comprehensive guide to monster breeding. Utilize this calculator to find all combinations for breeding your desired monsters.


How to Breed Monsters in Monster Legends

  1. Navigate to Breeding Mountain: Locate the Breeding Mountain on your island, positioned near the Hatchery.
  2. Access the Breeding Menu: Press the Breed button within the Breeding Mountain interface.
  3. Select Parent Monsters: A two-sided table displays your active monsters. Choose one monster from the left column and another from the right to pair them.
  4. Initiate Breeding: Press the START BREEDING button to begin the monster breeding process.
  5. Collect the Egg: After breeding is complete, select the TAKE EGG option to place the hybrid’s egg in the hatchery.
  6. Wait for Breeding and Hatching: A countdown timer starts at the bottom of the screen. The duration depends on the monster’s level and rarity. Waiting times can be reduced using gold, gems, or promotional boosts.
  7. Hatch the Monster: Once the countdown concludes, your new monster hatches successfully.
  8. Decide Placement: Choose whether to place the new monster in a suitable habitat or sell it.

Remember, the types and combinations of monsters you choose to breed play a crucial role in determining the outcome, making strategic decisions essential for success.

Why Am I Unable to Breed Some Monsters?

Certain monsters are not capable of being bred directly. Instead, in order to breed these monsters, you will need to utilize hybrid monsters, which are monsters that possess more than one element.

Here are some examples of hybrid monsters:

  • Fire and Light
  • Water and Dark
  • Earth and Magic
  • Nature and Thunder

Monster Legends Breeding Calculator

Monster 1Monster 2Result Monster

How to Use Calculator

1. Find Breeding Combos for Parent Monster:

  • In the first select box, choose the monster you want to breed.
  • The calculator will automatically display a list of potential breeding combinations involving the selected monster.

2. Find Parent Monsters by Result Monster:

  • In the second select box, choose a result monster you are interested in.
  • The calculator will provide a list of parent monsters that can be bred to achieve the selected result monster.
  • This feature is helpful for targeting specific monsters you aim to obtain.

3. Find Breeding Combos by Result Monster Element:

  • The third select box allows you to choose an elemental category for the result monster you’re looking for.
  • Upon selection, the calculator will generate breeding combinations that lead to monsters with the chosen elemental attribute.
  • This is useful when you’re focusing on building a team with specific elemental strengths.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the calculator iteratively by trying different combinations and exploring various elements to discover rare and powerful monsters.
  • Experiment with different breeding strategies based on your goals, whether it’s completing a collection, strengthening your team, or aiming for specific elemental attributes.

How Breeding Calculator Works

The calculator tool performs a filtering process on a static breeding combinations dataset.

When a user selects a Monster from any single, the calculator retrieves the selected Monster value and filters the dataset to find all breeding combinations for the given selection.

The calculator then displays the resulting combinations on the page.

Accuracy of Calculator

The Monster Legends breeding Calculator is a web application that uses HTML and JavaScript technologies. It performs a filtering process on a static dataset of breeding combinations using user option selections.

We have tested the calculator with a variety of option combinations and found that it gives expected results as per our knowledge.

We also periodically test the calculator to ensure that it continues to function properly in the event of technology updates or other website changes. This ensures that our users can rely on the calculator to find accurate results for reference.


Monster Legends Breeding Calculator is a free online tool for exploring Monsters’ breeding combinations. Note that information may change with game updates; for the latest details, refer to the game itself. Use this tool as a reference only.