My Perfect Hotel Transport Items: How to Get and Use

Are you tired of running around your hotel, trying to keep up with all the customers? If so, then the transport items in My Perfect Hotel are here to help.

These magical objects will double your movement speed for a short time, making it much easier to manage your growing empire.

What are Transport Items in My Perfect Hotel?

Transport items are special objects you can find around your hotel that will increase your movement speed by 2x for a few minutes. They come in various forms, like:

  • Magic Carpet
  • Horse Head
  • Barrel
  • Chair
  • Pony on a Stick

How to Use Transport Items in My Perfect Hotel?

To unlock and use these transport items, simply interact with them and watch a short ad. It’s completely free and only takes a few seconds! Once activated, you’ll have increased speed for around 3 minutes, allowing you to:

  • Expand your hotel quickly
  • Attend to more customers
  • Collect payments more efficiently
  • Clear early game stages faster

Making use of these speed boosts is especially helpful during busy periods and can even be part of your daily quests, earning you rewards for completion.

Additional Tips

Keep an eye out for transport items: They appear randomly throughout your hotel, so be sure to explore and interact with everything.

Use transport strategically: Save them for times when you need to move quickly, like during peak customer hours or when expanding your hotel.

Watch ads for extra rewards: Several ads offer free cash, items, and other benefits, so don’t hesitate to watch them for a little boost.

With these tips and tricks in hand, you can now utilize the power of transport items to become the most efficient hotel manager in My Perfect Hotel!

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