My Perfect Hotel: How Many Levels and Hotels (Ultimate Guide)

Many players of My Perfect Hotel are curious about the number of levels they can progress through in the game.

This guide will answer this question and provide additional information about hotel unlocks and future updates.

Maximum Level in My Perfect Hotel

As of the current update, the maximum level you can reach for a single hotel is level eight.

Once you reach this level, the experience bar will display “MAX,” indicating you cannot progress further within that specific hotel.

However, reaching level eight does not mean the end of the game. Instead, it unlocks the opportunity to move on to a new hotel, considered by some players as a new level.

This new hotel will start at level one, requiring you to work your way up to level eight again to unlock the next hotel and continue the hotel cycle.

Currency and Skills Carry Over

The good news is that your accumulated currency and skills carry over to the new hotel. This allows you to retain your progress and continue building your hotel empire.

Staff and Upgrades Do Not Carry Over

Unfortunately, staff and hotel-specific upgrades (like cleaner speed) do not carry over to the new hotel. This means you will need to start from scratch in terms of staffing and upgrades for each new hotel you unlock.

Last Hotel in My Perfect Hotel

As of today, the Festival Hotel is the last hotel you can unlock in My Perfect Hotel.

However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of future updates adding more hotels and levels. The developers consistently release updates, so players can expect new content in the future.

List of All Hotels in My Perfect Hotel

  1. Drive Motel
  2. Beach Hotel
  3. Mountain Hotel
  4. Rising Sun Hotel
  5. Overwater Hotel
  6. Spooky Hotel
  7. Moon Hotel
  8. Festival Hotel

This list provides a clear overview of the eight hotels currently available in the game. Each hotel offers eight levels, providing ample gameplay for players to enjoy.

Future Updates and New Hotels

With the developers’ consistent update schedule, players can look forward to additional hotels being added to My Perfect Hotel in the future. This will offer even more challenges and opportunities to expand your hotel empire.


My Perfect Hotel offers a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience with a total of eight hotels, each with eight levels to conquer.

While reaching the maximum level for a hotel may seem like the end, it simply unlocks a new hotel and continues the exciting journey.

Remember that currency and skills carry over, but staff and upgrades need to be reacquired for each new hotel.

With game’s possible future updates and new hotels, My Perfect Hotel offers endless possibilities for players to build their dream hotel empire.

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