Blood West Weapons and Stats List (Complete Guide)

Get ready to decimate your enemies with this comprehensive weapon guide!

Blood West throws you into a brutal frontier where only the fittest survive. To overcome the challenges ahead, you’ll need an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal.

This guide will take you through every weapon in the game, providing detailed stats and insights to help you strategize your gameplay.

Blood West: Weapons and stats list

Here’s a comprehensive list of weapons found in Blood West, showcasing their damage and range capabilities. Weapon names are highlighted in bold for easy identification, and their stats are presented in brackets following the name.

  • Avenger Pistol (Primary Damage 33, Range 25m)
  • Axe (Primary Damage 13, Secondary Damage 30)
  • Bloody Hunt (Primary Damage 35, Range 21m)
  • Bone Knife (Primary Damage 10, Secondary Damage 23)
  • Breathless (Primary Damage 40, Range 25m)
  • Buffalo Rifle (Primary Damage 120, Range 35m)
  • Call of the Abyss (Primary Damage 155, Range 38m)
  • Crossbow (Primary Damage 40, Range 25m)
  • Decapitator (Primary Damage 70, Range 7m)
  • Drunk Master (Primary Damage 20, Range 35m)
  • Emerald Eyes (Primary Damage 90, Range 10m)
  • Endless Hunger (Primary Damage 15, Secondary Damage 25)
  • Four Winds (Primary Damage 23, Secondary Damage 40)
  • Hatred (Primary Damage 25, Secondary Damage 50, Range 15m)
  • Hedera (Primary Damage 32, Range 35m)
  • Hunting Bow (Primary Damage 21, Range 21m)
  • Iron Thorn (Primary Damage 44, Range 25m)
  • Knife (Primary Damage 7, Secondary Damage 20)
  • Last Breath (Primary Damage 90, Range 11m)
  • Left Hand Path (Primary Damage 25, Secondary Damage 50)
  • Lionheart (Primary Damage 25, Secondary Damage 60)
  • Living Vines (Primary Damage 15, Secondary Damage 35)
  • Mors Subita (Primary Damage 49, Range 25m)
  • Needle of Fate (Primary Damage 18, Secondary Damage 28)
  • Orb of Night (Primary Damage 30, Range 25m)
  • Red Bill (Primary Damage 140, Range 35m)
  • Revolver (Primary Damage 22, Range 25m)
  • Rusty Axe (Primary Damage 10, Secondary Damage 20)
  • Rusty Knife (Primary Damage 5, Secondary Damage 15)
  • Rusty Revolver (Primary Damage 17, Range 25m)
  • Rusty Shotgun (Primary Damage 60, Range 7m)
  • Rusty Winchester (Primary Damage 18, Range 20m)
  • Sentence (Primary Damage 100, Range 12m)
  • Shotgun (Primary Damage 70, Range 11m)
  • Spirit Bow (Primary Damage 28, Range 21m)
  • Spite (Primary Damage 38, Range 21m)
  • Stone Mace (Primary Damage 30, Secondary Damage 50, Range 30)
  • The Edge (Primary Damage 20, Secondary Damage 50)
  • The Hermit Stick (Primary Damage 75, Range 11m)
  • The Rattler (Primary Damage 38, Range 25m)
  • The Second Coming (Primary Damage 130, Range 35m)
  • Winchester (Primary Damage 20, Range 35m)
  • Wolf’s Fang (Primary Damage 35, Range 38m)

What are weapons in the Blood West game?

In Blood West, weapons are items used to fight enemies. There are two types: big and small. Big weapons fit only in the primary weapon slots, while small ones can fit in any slot.

Ranged weapons need ammo to shoot, while others don’t. Weapons are grouped into classes based on their looks, ammo type, and attack animations. Each class has different features and effects.

Understanding Damage:

  • Primary Damage: This is the base damage of the weapon per hit.
  • Secondary Damage: This is the additional damage applied under specific conditions.
  • Range: This indicates the effective distance for ranged weapons.

Bonus Multipliers:

  • Surprise bonus: 8x normal damage (melee weapons only)
  • Headshot bonus: 5x normal damage
  • Golden ammo: 2x normal damage (ranged weapons only)
  • Golden ammo headshot: 10x normal damage (ranged weapons only)

That’s it,

This comprehensive guide provided detailed information about Blood West’s weapons, including damage, rage, and other important stats. Hopefully, this resource proves valuable on your journey through the brutal frontier of Blood West.