Anime Showdown Controls for PC (Roblox)

This post is about Roblox Anime Showdown PC controls and gameplay tips & tricks. It’s packed with details on move sets, combat and defense commands, specific moves, killer combos, and top-notch tips.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, this guide can be helpful to up your game and conquer the Roblox Anime Showdown arena.

Roblox Anime Showdown Controls for PC

Anime Showdown keyboard and mouse controls


  • Sprint: Hold Shift
  • Dash: Q
  • Jump: Space


  • Basic Attack: M1
  • Heavy Attack: M2
  • Uptilt: Hold Space + M1 (ground)
  • Air Launcher: Hold Space + M1 (air)
  • Aerial Slam: M2 (air)


  • Block: F
  • Perfect Block (timed): F
  • Evasive (full white gauge): R
  • Assault Dash (orange icon): X

Move Meter Charge:

Using moves costs Move Meter (blue meter at top). Replenish it by charging with C key or executing M1 attacks.

Special Moves & Combos

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to take your game to the next level with these advanced combos:

Quick Tilting: Jump and hold space while casting an M1, causing your character to activate a Quick Tilt.

Ground Slam: Jump after the 4th M1 and land a final M1, activating a Down Slam.

Ground M2 Extend: Jump after the 4th M1 in the M1 string and use M2 for extra damage.

Upfling M2: Fling your opponent into the air, then hit them with an M2 for a powerful launch.

Hollow Blow: Cast out 4 hollow M1s, then jump dash to confuse and disorient your opponent.

Upfling Quick Tilt: Fling your opponent into the air, then Quick Tilt them to begin an air combo.

Mastering these combos takes practice and timing, but the rewards are worth it. Experiment, find what works for your character, and watch your opponents crumble before your might!

Before ending this guide, here are some tips for your game play.

Roblox Anime Showdown tips and tricks

Defense isn’t everything: Not every attack can be perfectly blocked, so learn to dodge, counter, and adapt to your opponent’s moves.

Resource management: Your blue power bar fuels your special moves and dodges. Charge it wisely, and remember, landing punches refills it bit by bit.

Armor tiers: Hyper Armor trumps Super Armor. Learn to identify which one your opponent is using and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Breaking through: Some skills can crack even the toughest defenses. Keep an eye out for these and counter with your own armor-breaking moves.

Ultimate counter: Hyper Armor Break cancels both Hyper and Super Armor moves. Master this technique to turn the tide of battle.

More specific tips:

Offensive players: Prioritize armor-breaking skills and practice countering defensive moves.

Defensive players: Learn to read your opponent’s attacks and use perfect blocks to unleash powerful counters.

Mix it up: Don’t rely on just one strategy. Keep your opponent guessing by switching between offense and defense, using different combos, and utilizing your full range of skills.

Remember: Practice makes perfect! Experiment, find what works for you and your character, and most importantly, have fun.

Bonus tip: Use these insights to create mind games with your opponent. Bait out their attacks, punish their mistakes, and claim victory through strategic skill and cunning.