How to play Coin Master Game (Beginners guide)

How to play Coin Master Game: Basic steps and guide for beginners, who want to start playing Coin Master Game. From this post, you will get overview for game installation, different options to continue game, basic terminology, game levels and playing guide.

Coin Master is popular mobile game. Game has 100M+ downloads with great no. of followers on game social pages. Gamers enjoy amazing game features and levels.


Coin Master Game is free to install and play. Game has In-app products, but it totally optional. Also, game gives daily amazing free rewards, so, game user enjoy playing game. If you are new to Coin Master game and want to play game. Following basic guide helps to understand how to play Coin Master Game.

1. Install game

First step to start playing Coin Master Game is to install game in your Android or iOS mobile. You can download and install game from Play Store or App Store based on your mobile OS.

Coin Master game size is approx. 250MB to 300MB, size can be varies with device.

2. Play with Facebook or as a Guest user

Coin Master Game can be played with two options: Play as Guest or Play with Facebook login user.

If you are beginner, then suggestion is to, play as Guest user. It is good option for new users. Once you start playing and have good idea about game, you can play with Facebook login any time.

3. Understand game terminology

Coin Master game main terms are slot machine, spin button, spin, coin and villages. There are many other terms you need to check while playing game. You can check more game terminology detail in our Coin Master Terminology page.

Coin Master Game playing process in short: Open game, continue as guest/Facebook user, click spin button, once you click, slot machine start spinning items and stop after few seconds, based on slot machine items result, you will get reward(coin, spin, shield and more) or able to perform some action in game.

4. Collect spins to continue game

Spin amount in your game account is important. When you click spin button and spin slot machine, no. of spins count decreased from your account. You can only continue game if you have spins in your game account.

There are different ways to get spins in Coin Master Game. You can get spins by these methods and continue your game.

5. Collect coins and complete village

First main thing in game is to get spins and continue game; second main thing is to collect coins in game and complete village using coins.

For complete village, you need to buy village items using coins available in game. Once you complete village, you will move to next level village in game.

Given are basic steps and information to learn, how to start playing coin master game. You can learn more steps and features by playing game. Also, check best practices for Coin Master to become a Coin Master in game.