Without Survival Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for improving your gameplay in Whiteout Survival. It covers topics such as joining a top-ranked alliance, participating in events, focusing on gear over heroes, utilizing boosts strategically and joining the Discord community.

Join the highest-ranked alliance you can

Joining a top-ranking alliance provides significant benefits, including boosts from alliance members, extra loot, and speed-up helps. It elevates your gaming experience and enhances your progression.

Join a top 20 alliance

Top-ranked alliances tend to be more active and participate in more events. Consider time zones when choosing an alliance to ensure optimal participation in alliance activities.

Participate in events

Events offer valuable rewards. Engage in all available events to earn rewards and progress faster in the game.

Focus on gear over heroes

Prioritize upgrading gear as it improves with each generation. Invest resources in enhancing gear to boost your overall strength.

Spend arena coins wisely

Utilize arena coins on valuable items such as custom mythic chests to maximize their benefits.

Save and use gems strategically

Save gems for events where they can be utilized effectively to gain advantages or acquire exclusive items.

Join Whiteout Survival Discord server

Join the community page on Discord to access more tips, guides, and resources shared by experienced players. Engaging with the community can enhance your understanding of the game and improve your gameplay.

Understand troop bonuses

Troop count is crucial in attacks. Know how to increase troop count through command center upgrades and research, including regimental expansions.

Boost troop deployment capacity

Utilize boosts from the research tab and the war tab to increase the number of troops you can send in attacks.

Familiarize with hero abilities

Each hero possesses unique abilities that can affect the outcome of battles. Pay attention to these abilities, such as stun chances and attack bonuses.

Gear optimization

Equip gear that enhances attack stats. Check your chief gear bonuses and strive to improve them.

Analyze battle reports

Study battle reports to understand troop losses, damage distribution, and effectiveness of hero abilities. Learn from each engagement to refine your strategies.

Prioritize infantry

Infantry units are vital for protecting your march. Ensure you have a sufficient number of infantry to withstand attacks from other troop types.

Tile attacks vs. base attacks

Consider the differences in troop losses between attacking tiles and bases. Minimize losses by choosing your targets wisely.

Utilize boosts strategically

Use attack boosts during rallies and solo attacks to maximize your offensive capabilities. Also, consider using counter recon to prevent enemy scouting.

Continuous learning

Stay updated on game mechanics, strategies, and updates. Experiment with different tactics and adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield.

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