Whiteout Survival Pet System Guide

Survivors, welcome to the Whiteout! If you’re wondering about the mysterious Pet System and how it can boost your survival skills, you’re in the right place.

Whiteout Pet System

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Whiteout Pet System, from accessing it to mastering its functions. Let’s dive in.

Unlock Whiteout Survival Pet Feature

The Pet feature becomes available after your server has been active for a certain number of days, and your Furnace reaches Level 18.

So, be patient and focus on your progress until the Pet feature unlocks.

Functions of the new Pet items

  • Pet Food: Used for Pet upgrade
  • Common Wild Mark: Used for Pet refinement
  • Advanced Wild Mark: Used for Pet advanced refinement
  • Taming Manual: Used for Pet Potential advancement
  • Energizing Potion: Extra item for Pet Potential advancement
  • Strengthening Serum: Extra item for Pet Potential advancement

Capturing Pets

Currently, you can capture up to 3 Pets. Keep an eye out for future updates, as this number might increase.

Pet Skills and Interaction

In Whiteout, your Pets’ skills can work together simultaneously, amplifying your abilities and providing a dynamic edge in various challenges.

Embrace this collaborative advantage to enhance your survival skills and conquer the game’s obstacles.

Taming and Feeding

Taming and feeding attempts for each Pet are exclusively recoverable over time, with a limit of a maximum of 2 attempts per day.

In other words, the process of taming and feeding cannot be accelerated or regained through any other means, highlighting the necessity for a time-dependent approach in managing these activities for each Pet.

Refinement and Quality

No need to worry! If you refine your Pet after improving its quality, the secondary stats quality won’t decrease.

Managing Refinement Values

When you refine your Pet using items, the stats change when you press Replace. If there’s a significant drop, a warning appears.

If you press Continue, refinement is skipped, but items are still used. The new stats are applied only when you press Confirm.

Keep in mind that refining is irreversible.

System Prompts and Drops

The system doesn’t give a second prompt for a big drop in refined stats because it only alerts you when there’s a decrease in Total Power, making sure you’re informed about important changes.


Congratulations, survivors! You are now equipped with the knowledge to master the Pet System in Whiteout Survival. Use this guide wisely, tame your Pets, and let them aid you in conquering the challenges that lie ahead. Good luck on your survival journey.

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