Guide to Unlocking and Using Fire Crystals in Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival by Century Games challenges players to manage a city in a harsh, freezing environment. Among the various resources, Fire Crystals are crucial for advanced gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock, obtain, and use Fire Crystals effectively.

What Are Fire Crystals?

Fire Crystals are a late-game resource introduced to enhance your city’s buildings and troops beyond their standard capabilities. They are vital for continued progress once your Furnace reaches Level 30 and the server you’re on has been active for a set period.

How to Obtain Fire Crystals

  • Daily Missions: Complete daily tasks for a steady supply.
  • Intel Station: Utilize the Intel Station to gather Fire Crystals.
  • Events and Packs: Participate in exclusive events or purchase packs for larger quantities.
  • Crystal Laboratory: Unlocked at Furnace Level 30 and after entering the Fire Crystal Age, this building allows you to refine resources into Fire Crystals. You can produce up to 5 Fire Crystals daily by converting 25,000 units of Meat, Iron, Coal, and Wood.

Unlocking Fire Crystal Content

  • Furnace Level 30: Upgrade your Furnace to this level.
  • Server Age: Ensure your server is at least 60 days old and has entered the Fire Crystal Age.

Using Fire Crystals

Upgrading Buildings: Transform your buildings to Fire Crystal versions, which have enhanced stats and new appearances.

Enhancing Troops: Boost your troops’ power and skills with Fire Crystals, making them far more effective in combat.

Upgrade Levels: Progress through Fire Crystal Ages (FC1 to FC5) to further improve your city’s infrastructure.

Reverting Upgrades

If you decide to undo a Fire Crystal upgrade, you will receive all common resources back, half of the Fire Crystals, and none of the speedup items used.

Best Practices for Accumulating Fire Crystals

  • Start collecting Fire Crystals early to prepare for high-level upgrades.
  • Focus on daily missions and Intel Station for a consistent influx.
  • Utilize the Crystal Laboratory efficiently by gathering the necessary resources daily.

Fire Crystals are essential for players committed to advancing in Whiteout Survival. By strategically managing these resources, you can maintain and enhance your city, ensuring your survival in the harsh, frozen wilderness.

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