Roblox Find The Markers: Where to Find Hard Markers

This guide provides information on all the hard markers in the game Roblox Find The Markers. The list includes the names of all the hard markers and their respective locations.

Please note that we recommend trying to find the markers yourself in order to fully enjoy the search journey and avoid spoiling the excitement.

However, if you are tired of searching for markers, the provided list will give you hints on their locations.

Find The Markers: Hard Markers and Locations

Where is the … Marker?

  • Head to Space and find a swirling purple portal called ???. Dive in!
  • Navigate a tricky maze until you fall into a red room with a hidden floor.
  • There, nestled in the red, you’ll find the elusive … Marker!

Where is the Alien Marker?

  • On the far left edge of Mars, look for yellow circles.
  • Press them in a specific order until they all glow – a tough alien puzzle!
  • Once they’re lit, the Alien Marker will be yours for the taking.

Where is the Atomic Marker?

  • Factory Biome: enter the Factory Building.
  • Find the large conveyor belt room next to the Lava Jump Marker obby.
  • Turn right and spot the microscope – press E or tap to activate it.
  • Time to hunt! Tiny markers are scattered around the factory.
  • Bring them back to the microscope one by one (don’t die, or you start over!).
  • Find the real marker, get teleported, and claim the Atomic Marker!
  • Possible Atom Locations:
    • Manager’s Office (first one guaranteed)
    • Microscope floor
    • Trollface room
    • Storage Closet next to Box Marker
    • Storage Closet (surrounded by developer clones)
    • Front Desk
    • Dropper above the conveyor belt (large room)
    • Beside Lava Jump Marker
    • Lava checkerboard (near the end of Lava Jump obby)
    • Smaller conveyor belt room (drawers)
    • Die liquid barrel area

Where is the Aurora Marker?

  • Climb the Mountain and reach the tip of the pine cone tree.
  • Jump onto a translucent truss and scale it – sky obby awaits!
  • Navigate the rainbow wall maze (random pattern) to the other side.
  • A translucent base plate at the end holds the Aurora Marker – victory!

Where is the BFDI Marker?

  • Washable Kingdom: edge between Market and Fantasy Forest.
  • Look under the map – BFDI Marker is peeking out!
  • Take the plunge and touch its cap to claim it.

Where is the Beige Marker?

  • Khaki Marker’s teleport room: southwest corner, hidden wall.
  • Climb the truss up, press the button at the top.
  • Go back down, Khaki Marker will be transformed – Beige Marker awaits!

Where is the Bluish Gray Marker?

  • Washable Kingdom: Fantasy Forest, climbable tree.
  • Conquer the semi-transparent obby to claim the Bluish Gray Marker.

Where is the Camo Marker?

  • Spawn Biome: find the tree closest to Abandoned City and Shop.
  • Go behind that tree – Camo Marker hides among the leaves!

Where is the Candy Cane Marker?

  • Candyland Biome: slide down, then jump before the tunnel.
  • Climb the box, go behind the pillar, and touch the candy cane.
  • Teleport to a candy room – jump over red killbricks to win!

Where is the Ceramic Marker?

  • Shop Biome: talk to Yellow Marker, choose “met an ancestor,” then “Primrose Marker.”
  • Teleport to the basement, turn left to stairs – Ceramic Marker awaits!
  • Collect its scattered pieces after it explodes to claim the fixed marker.

Where is the Chicken Marker?

  • Forest Biome: climb the gray staircase, turn right to the second hill.
  • Cross the two tree vines to the other hill.
  • Jump on the broken cobblestone – teleport high to a small cloud!
  • Chicken Marker welcomes you on the fluffy perch.

Where is the Cinnamon Marker?

  • Look for the dirt wall near Transparent Marker facing a tree.
  • Complete the obby inside – they’re close to Popsicle Marker!

Where is the Clover Marker?

  • Forest Biome: vine-hop to the other hill, take the path to the higher part.
  • Go left slowly down, find the clover near the rock in the corner.
  • Step on it to teleport, click five four-leaf clovers until the marker appears!

Where is the Comet Marker?

  • Factory Biome: jump in the basket near Industrial Marker for a dark room trip.
  • Touch the rocket prop, teleport to Mars, follow the wooden arrow down and jump.
  • In Space, wait for a lucky comet and click “E” – dark blue room and Comet Marker are yours!

Where is the Dirt Marker?

  • Forest Biome: climb the gray staircase, turn left for the fence on the other side.
  • Walk through the walk-through wall on the hill – Dirt Marker hides inside!

Where is the Evil Marker?

  • Mountain Biome: climb the ladder, find the dark cave entrance.
  • Type in “INVERT” – a red room opens, and Evil Marker is there!

Where is the Flan Marker?

  • Snow Biome: back of the snow hill, find the thin bridge on a Candyland wall.
  • Hug the wall with shift lock until you enter a transparent wall.
  • Conquer the flan cake obby – jump on brown parts to reach the end and claim Flan Marker!

Where is the Flower Marker?

  • Head to the Desert obstacle course (wooden beam with rotating objects).
  • Run across the beam avoiding obstacles – finish it for Flower Marker!

Where is the Flytrap Marker?

  • Washable Kingdom: climb a tree near the Market, use the ladder to reach the top flytrap.
  • Touch it, teleport to a plant tower – climb it cautiously! Flytrap Marker awaits at the peak.

How do I get the Forgorker?

  • Type “:skull:” in the chat.
  • Find the skull emoji, boom! Forgorker is yours.

Where is the Green Marker?

  • Jump off the map between Cave and Mountain – look for Green Marker upside down!

How do I get the Hot Cocoa Marker?

  • Abandoned City: enter the house left of the clock tower.
  • Click the hot cocoa, play the “whack-a-mole” mini-game (30 marshmallows!).
  • Hot Cocoa Marker will be your sweet reward!

Where is the Ivory Marker?

  • Climb the Mountain to Rainbow Marker’s obby, choose the lower path through the cave.
  • Conquer the obby – Ivory Marker awaits at the end!

Where is the Jumpscare Marker?

  • Snow Biome obby checkpoint: turn around, Jumpscare Marker is there!
  • Beware, a jumpscare awaits when you collect it!

How do I get the Killbrick Marker?

  • Mountain cave: find the invisible teleporter, it takes you to the Keyboard Room.
  • Type “difficulty” for the Difficulty Chart Obby.
  • Go to the orange “challenging” area, find the slightly transparent wall section.
  • Jump through it, complete Killbrick Marker’s obby 3 times (moving lava jump!).
  • Conquer it and claim the marker!

How do I get the Knight Marker?

  • Enter Washable Kingdom via Abandoned City clock tower, go through the castle passageway.
  • Turn left, climb the stairs to the castle top.
  • Enter the right tower, climb the truss – a sword appears to fight Knight Marker.
  • Defeat him to claim the Knight Marker!

Where is the Lollipop Marker?

  • Candyland: jump onto the big marshmallow near Gingerbread Marker’s house.
  • Hop into the tall, dark green lollipop – Lollipop Marker is inside!

Where is the Lucky Marker?

  • During March, enter the glowing green door on Spawn grass.
  • Find Lucky Marker in the maze – good luck, right is a good bet!

Where is the MEGA MARKER?

  • Forest: walk to the Happy House and go far behind it, waterfall at the map edge.
  • Turn right, climb the fence, get onto the dirt edges.
  • Jump down to a walk-through wall – MEGA MARKER! hidden inside!

Where is the Magenta Void Marker?

  • Spawn: touch the glowing white door with “Teleport to the gallery” sign.
  • Walk to the hallway end, find a faint magenta glow on the thin wall.
  • Slide into the left wall – a glowing magenta room awaits! Magenta Void Marker is there.

Where is the Marker Stack?

  • Cave: interact with the blue marker, he has a request!
  • Find his three brothers (Green in Forest, Yellow in Snow Biome cabin, Red at Factory edge).
  • Reunite them all, return to the blue marker – Marker Stack is yours!

Where is “Marker?”?

  • Forest: behind Happy House, waterfall edge.
  • Turn left, find tiny rock with downward arrow.
  • Follow it, fall off the edge, land on invisible beam.
  • Walk forward, find Marker? under the map!

Where is Merchant Marker?

  • Market: find him in a booth, talk to him.
  • He requires 10 golden coins – here’s where to find them:
    • Between Market docks.
    • Market entrance arch (top).
    • Fantasy Forest campfire.
    • In front of King Marker.
    • Mini-castle top right (facing Castle Keep).
    • Top of Castle Keep.
    • Periwinkle Field tree.
    • Swamp tree (jump lilypads).
    • Dragon Cliff entrance.
    • Below Dragon Cliff wooden bridge.
    • Collect all, talk to Merchant Marker – claim him!

Where is Milk & Cookies Marker?

  • Snow Biome cabin: second floor kitchen counter (milk).
  • Olde Shoppe: first floor shelves (3 cookies).
  • Happy House: chimney (Milk & Cookies Marker)!

Where is Missing Texture Marker?

  • Forest: climb trees near waterfall, parkour to one with missing texture.
  • Touch it, teleport to missing texture room – claim the marker!

Where is Moonstone Marker?

  • Factory: jump inside basket near Industrial Marker.
  • Dark room – touch rocket prop, teleport to Mars.
  • Follow wooden arrow down, jump off map, teleport to Space.
  • Go to Moon, find crystal in small hole, collect it.
  • Top mountain stone area: activate microwave panel.
  • Laser creates hole in another mountain, enter to find Moonstone Marker!

Where is Nebula Marker?

  • Factory: teleport to Mars, find tall rock.
  • Climb to the top, teleport to the marker room – yours to claim!

Where is Obby Marker?

  • Snow Biome: complete the obby (watch out for Jumpscare Marker!).

Where is Oopsie Marker?

  • Factory Basement: corner opposite the rocket.
  • Walk through the wall, go through the tunnel – Oopsie Marker awaits!

Where is Paper Marker?

  • Mountain: next to Bone Marker, find dark brownish opening.
  • Enter – Paper Marker is yours!

Where is Peppermint Marker?

  • Candyland: cliff behind Gingerbread House.
  • Go behind the roof, walk through the wall.
  • Peppermint Marker welcomes you in the attic!

Where is Phoenix Marker?

  • Happy House: fireplace corner, find small opening.
  • Marker inside – complete the obby to claim it!

Where is Pine Tree Marker?

  • Snow Biome: top of pine tree near black baseplate and hill.
  • Hop on – teleport to an obby, conquer it to get Pine Tree Marker!

Where is Polka-Dot Marker?

  • Desert Biome: mountain behind saloon, enter ring of 4 cacti.
  • Teleport to Polka-Dot room, go on the green square.
  • Roll down, touch the yellow square – claim the marker!

Where is the Quagmire Marker?

  • Go to the right house behind the clock tower.
  • Grab the wrench inside.
  • Head to the pool under the Shop.
  • Use the wrench to break the rusty grate.
  • Swim through the pipe and you’ll find the Quagmire Marker waiting!

Where is the Rainbow Marker?

  • Climb the mountain until you reach a ladder obstacle course (obby).
  • Conquer the obby! Rainbow Marker awaits at the finish line.

Where is the Rainbow Road Marker?

  • Blast off to Mars, then travel to the Space area.
  • Find the Whimsical Star and activate its prompt to teleport.
  • Complete the rainbow course. Rainbow Road Marker will be your reward!

Where is the Reindeer Marker?

  • During December, climb the invisible ladder on the clock tower. Be careful not to get teleported!
  • Complete the obstacle course on Santa’s sleigh to grab the Reindeer Marker.

Where is the Rockslide Marker?

  • Go to the back of the mountain and activate the dynamite.
  • Dodge the falling rocks as you get sent back down and return to the dynamite spot.
  • Enter the new cave to teleport to Rockslide Marker’s room.

Where is the Runner Marker?

  • Find the keyboard room in the mountains and type “DIFFICULTY”.
  • Tackle the Difficulty Chart Obby until you reach the “difficult” course.
  • Jump on the brick to the right of the sign and embark on a 1,000 stud walk. Runner Marker will be there at the end!

Where is the Salted Caramel Marker?

  • Head to the Candyland Biome and climb the giant arch.
  • Land on the pink lollipop and climb the vine above it.
  • Reach the Salted Caramel room and claim your prize!

Where is the Shadow Marker?

  • Go to the Mountain and enter Rainbow Marker’s obby.
  • Take the second path and jump into the hole.
  • Fall from the first rock and head left. The Shadow Marker will be lurking in the shadows.

Where is the Ski Marker?

  • Climb the mountain until you find interactable planks on the ground.
  • Spam build on the planks until they create a ramp.
  • Slide down the ramp and get launched through a hoop. Look up high on the mountain peak for Ski Marker!

Where is the Skydiving Marker?

  • Head to the Happy House in the Forest.
  • Enter the fireplace and get teleported to the chimney.
  • Jump up the translucent platforms to reach the clouds.
  • Find the purple cloud (it’s actually the marker!) and jump down onto it.

Where is the Spider Marker?

  • Go inside the Cave and take two lefts.
  • Walk under the yellow crystal and jump up to the higher platform.
  • Keep walking right until you fall onto a spider web.
  • Walk on the web to the spider and jump off while touching their cap. You’ve got it!

Where is the Static Marker?

  • Enter the Gingerbread house in Candyland.
  • Stand in front of the TV until it turns static. Click on it!
  • You’ll teleport to a static-filled room with the Static Marker waiting.

Where is the Strawberry Marker?

  • Head to the back right corner of the pyramid in the Desert.
  • Walk up the pyramid and step on the missing brick. Teleport time!
  • Cross the red room without touching the swords (watch out!).
  • Press the button on the left to unlock the hidden area.
  • Walk inside and claim the Strawberry Marker!

Where is the Sunburnt Marker?

  • Climb the gray staircase in the Forest Biome.
  • Turn right and cross the two tree vine strings to the second hill.
  • Jump on the broken cobblestone, teleporting you high into the sky.
  • Land on the invisible beam and walk to the other end.
  • Fall onto the roof of the “Þe Olde Shope” building. Sunburnt Marker awaits!

Where is the Vermillion Marker?

  • Go to the left corner of the pyramid in the Desert.
  • Walk along the 13th layer and step on the missing brick. Teleport incoming!
  • Dodge the swords in the red room and claim your prize: the Vermillion Marker.

Where is the Void Marker?

  • Enter Mars via the Factory, then fall under the wooden arrow to reach Space.
  • Find the glowing pink swirl titled “???” and click it. Maze time!
  • Follow these turns: left, forward, right, forward, right, 1st left exit, right, right.
  • You’ve conquered the maze, and the Void Marker is yours!

Where is the Wassail Marker?

  • Enter the Gingerbread house in Candyland.
  • Find the stairs behind the TV and head down to the basement.
  • Complete the obstacle course and claim the Wassail Marker at the end!

Where is the Wild Marker?

  • Go inside the Happy House in the Forest.
  • Stand on the carpet near the text “WILD CARD (pray to him)”.
  • Type “pray to wild card” in the chat and watch the Wild Marker appear!

Where is the Winning Marker?

  • Option 1: Equip The Winning Smile and go to the back of the Factory. Make them smile, collect them, and get the Winning Marker.
  • Option 2: Enter the Factory and find the golden key near the conveyor belt.
  • Unlock the storage room and touch mymommakesbathbombs4/dragwassup’s evil clone (blue hair). Get the Winning Smile!
  • Head to the back of the Factory and collect the Winning Marker.

Where is the Wizard Marker?

  • Enter the Washable Kingdom via the Clock Tower in the Abandoned City.
  • Walk through the Castle Keep’s long passageway.
  • Find the walk-through wall under the stairs and enter. The Wizard Marker is hidden inside!

Discover where to find hard markers in “Find The Markers”! This guide reveals key locations and simple tips for uncovering these artistic treasures, empowering your creative journey effortlessly.

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