Roblox Find The Markers: Where to Find Easy Markers

This guide provides information on all the easy markers in the game Roblox Find The Markers. The list includes the names of all the easy markers and their respective locations.

Please note that we recommend trying to find the markers yourself in order to fully enjoy the search journey and avoid spoiling the excitement.

However, if you are tired of searching for markers, the provided list will give you hints on their locations.

Find The Markers: Easy Markers and Locations

Where is Purple Marker?

  • Option 1: In the Spawn area, go to the tall platform called the Pedestal of Awesome. You’ll find Purple Marker waiting there.
  • Option 2: Head to The Dimension of Darkness and defeat Dark Markery (tough battle). Then, approach Dark Markery without the marker in your inventory, and you’ll get Purple Marker as a reward.

Where is Archer Marker?

Travel to the Washable Kingdom and look for the Castle Keep. On the right side, you’ll find Archer Marker practicing his archery skills.

Where is Baby Marker?

Go to the Abandoned City and find the Clock Tower. Enter the first house on the left side and climb the stairs. Baby Marker is hiding under the bed on the second floor.

Where is Ball Marker?

Keep your eyes peeled. Ball Marker wanders around randomly within the Spawn area.

Where is Bee Marker?

Head to the Forest and find the Happy House. To the right of the house, there’s a tree with a beehive. Look around the hive, and you’ll see Bee Marker buzzing about.

Where is Black Marker?

Climb the Mountain and enter the cave. Keep going until you see a dark doorway. Step through it, and you’ll be teleported to the Mountain Keyboard Room. Black Marker will be waiting on the right side.

Where is Bluegrass Marker?

Travel to the Fantasy Forest in the Washable Kingdom. Walk to the left side of the waterfall, and you’ll find Bluegrass Marker just chilling on the ground.

Where is Bone Marker?

This one’s a bit tricky. Enter the Happy House in the Forest. Bone Marker is hiding between the fireplace and the bed, so keep your eyes peeled.

Where is Brown Marker?

Ascend the Mountain and climb the ladder into the cave. Go left until you see Big Orange Marker. Then, climb the rocks to the right of Big Orange Marker, and you’ll find Brown Marker waiting for you.

Where is Cactus Marker?

Venture into the Desert and find the big cactus near the pyramid and obstacle course. Look behind the cactus, and you’ll spot Cactus Marker hiding there.

Where is Capless Marker’s Cap?

Head to the Forest and stand in front of the Factory. On the left side of the entrance, you’ll find Capless Marker’s cap lying on the ground.

Where is Carpet Marker?

Step inside the Happy House in the Forest. Carpet Marker is simply chilling on the floor, waiting to be found.

Where is Christmas Cookie Marker?

Another Happy House resident. Enter the Happy House in the Forest, and you’ll find Christmas Cookie Marker hanging out between the fireplace and the bed.

Where is Coral Marker?

Take a dip. Dive into the water surrounding the Shop. Look closely inside the coral patches – Coral Marker’s blending in.

Where is Crayon?

Head to the edge where the Desert meets the Abandoned City. Find a dirt mound with an opening and crawl inside. Woosh. You’ll fall down a shaft into a dirt room, where Crayon’s hanging out.

Where is Cyan Marker?

Venture into the Cave and head right. Look for a lone tree – Cyan Marker’s hiding behind it.

Where is Dropout Marker?

Explore the Abandoned City and find the middle-right house. Inside, Dropout Marker’s chilling next to a corkboard full of pictures.

Where is Dummy Marker?

Head deep into the Cave, all the way to the right end. See that Dummy standing in a crevice? Approach it – you’ll get teleported to Dummy Marker’s room.

Where is Explode Marker?

Brave the Snow Biome and find the house. On the right side, there’s a red button with a tempting “die button” sign. Push it. Boom. You’ll explode, but hey, you’ll get Explode Marker.

Where is Fire Marker?

Cozy up in the Forest’s Happy House. Take a dip in the fireplace – it’ll teleport you to an orange room where Fire Marker awaits.

Where is Firefly Marker?

Enter the Washable Kingdom through the Abandoned City’s Clock Tower. Hop over to the Swamp Biome. Find the farthest tree on the right and jump across the lily pads – Firefly Marker’s perched on top.

Where is Fisher Marker?

Cast a line in the Washable Kingdom. Head to the Market, where Fisher Marker’s relaxing on one of the docks.

Where is Fishbowl Marker?

Welcome back to the Forest’s Happy House. Look on the table to the left of the door – Fishbowl Marker’s right there.

Where is Ghost Marker?

Get spooky in the Abandoned City’s Clock Tower. Climb the stairs and then the truss all the way to the top. Ghost Marker’s floating around, waiting to be found.

Where is Gingerbread Marker?

Follow the sweet scent to Candyland and enter the gingerbread house. Gingerbread Marker’s got the best seat on the couch.

Where is Grass Marker?

Head to the Mountain and find a grassy patch. Grass Marker is simply chilling there, blending in with the greenery.

Where is Industrial Marker?

Venture into the Factory and look for a sign saying “Assembly Line.” Nearby, there’s an entrance to a room with a conveyer belt. Walk in and meet Industrial Marker behind the belt.

Where is King Marker?

Travel to the Washable Kingdom and enter the Castle Keep. Take a right at the stairs, and boom. You’re in the throne room, face-to-face with King Marker.

Where is Lava Jump Marker?

Brave the Factory. Find the conveyor belt room where Industrial Marker hangs out. Turn right, and you’ll see an entrance to an obstacle course. Conquer the lava tiles and laser beams to reach Lava Jump Marker at the end.

Where is Lavender Marker?

Head to the Forest and find the Happy House. Behind it, there’s a waterfall at the map’s edge. Go left, touch the spinning purple cube, and bam. You’re in a lavender room with Lavender Marker.

Where is Leaf Marker?

Explore the Forest and find the gray staircase. Climb up, turn right, and walk across the tree vine. Platform your way through the trees, and you’ll find Leaf Marker waiting on top.

Where is Lightbulb Marker?

Visit the Shop Biome and find Yellow Marker. Look up. Lightbulb Marker’s hovering right above.

Where is Liquid Marker?

Venture into the Desert and find a small square pool near the pyramid and obstacle course. Dive in, and Liquid Marker will be chilling inside.

Where is Magenta Marker?

Brave the Snow Biome and climb the hill to the Cabin. Go upstairs, enter the bathroom, and you’ll find Magenta Marker enjoying a shower.

Where is Marker Deleted?

Enter the white door marked “Gallery” in the Spawn. Walk down the corridor, and on the wall next to Cyan Marker fanart, you’ll find Marker Deleted hiding out.

Where is Marker for the Black Baseplate?

No need to search. Head to the Baseplate, and you’ll find Marker for the Black Baseplate right in the center.

Where is Markerplier?

Head to the Abandoned City and find the house on the left side, behind the Clock Tower. Step inside, and there’s Markerplier chilling with his computer.

Where is Markerseed the Fallen?

Venture into the Cave’s large cave. Keep going until you reach the dummy model. Turn right, and an arch entrance awaits. Markerseed the Fallen’s at the end.

Where is Maroon Marker?

Explore the Cave Biome and walk straight. Take a slight left, then climb the rock pile in front of you. Behind a pillar in a wall crack, you’ll find Maroon Marker.

Where is Marshmallow Marker?

Reach the top of the Candyland’s big arch. Slide down the gray slide, and at the end, Marshmallow Marker’s relaxing on a giant marshmallow.

Where is Mud Marker?

In the Washable Kingdom, turn right into the Swamp biome. Look for a pile of mud on your right – Mud Marker’s hiding behind it.

Where is Navy Marker?

Take a dip in the Shop’s surrounding pool. Swim left from the stairs until you reach the corner, and Navy Marker’s waiting for you.

Where is Old Marker?

Look high and low in the Shop. Climb the shelf to the right of the door, and Old Marker’s chilling on top.

Where is Olive Marker?

Explore the Abandoned City’s first house on the right side of the Clock Tower. Head upstairs, and you’ll find Olive Marker face-down in a puddle by the bathtub.

Where is Periwinkle Marker?

Easy as pie. Wander into any of the Washable Kingdom’s Periwinkle Field flowers, and Periwinkle Marker is yours.

Where is Permanent Marker?

The Factory holds the key. Find the manufacturing room and enter the manager’s office. Permanent Marker’s right on the desk.

Where is Piñata Marker?

Brave the Snow Biome and climb the hill to the Cabin. Head upstairs, and you’ll see Piñata Marker hanging from the ceiling.

Where is Red Marker?

Inside the Abandoned City’s Clock Tower, Red Marker’s right there on your left side.

Where is Rock Marker?

Visit the Forest’s Happy House. Find the rock on the right, and peek behind it – Rock Marker’s hiding there.

Where is Security Marker?

Step into the Factory, and Security Marker’s sitting right in front of you at his desk.

Where is Snow Marker?

Head to the Snow Biome and look around the trees. You’ll find Snow Marker chilling on the ground near one of them.

Where is Snowman Marker?

Stay in the Snow Biome and look for a mound of snow. Snowman Marker’s standing right on top, enjoying the view.

Where is Sweet Dream Marker?

Visit the Abandoned City and find the second house behind the Clock Tower on the right side. Go upstairs, and Sweet Dream Marker’s snoozing away on the bed.

Where is Tan Marker?

Explore the Desert and peek behind the statue. Tan Marker’s hiding there.

Where is Temple Marker?

Enter the Desert’s pyramid and climb the truss at the far end. Get ready for a laser obstacle course. Once you conquer it, Temple Marker’s your reward.

Where is Thief Marker?

Sneak around to the Shop’s backside. Thief Marker’s hanging out there, probably planning their next heist.

Where is Tied Marker?

Climb the ladder behind Yellow Marker in the Shop. You’ll find a storage room full of crates. In the farthest right corner, behind the crates, Tied Marker’s waiting to be found.

Where is Triple Marker?

Challenge yourself with the wooden tower obstacle course on top of the Cave. Once you reach the top, Triple Marker’s your prize.

Where is Water Marker?

Take a dip in the Shop’s surrounding pool. Water Marker’s floating around on the surface, enjoying the cool water.

Where is Waterfall Marker?

Journey to the Fantasy Forest biome in the Washable Kingdom. Find the waterfall and climb the rocks on its side to reach the top. Waterfall Marker’s waiting for you there.

Where is Yellow Marker?

No need to search. Yellow Marker’s always behind the counter in the Shop, ready to greet you with a smile.

Where is Zombie Marker?

Brave the Forest and find the gravestone on the left. Take a deep breath and fall into the grave. At the bottom, you’ll meet Zombie Marker.

Discover where to find hard markers in “Find The Markers”! This guide reveals key locations and simple tips for uncovering these artistic treasures, empowering your creative journey effortlessly.

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