Parasite Black Cheat Code: Version-wise Codes and Effects

This guide includes cheat codes for the game Parasite Black. The cheat codes are organized by version number, starting with the latest version (V0.153). Cheat codes allow players to unlock the cheat menu, access all gallery items, and lock all gallery items.

Parasite Black Cheat Codes

VersionCheat CodeEffect
V0.153 (Latest Version)allfairinloveandwarUnlock Cheat Menu
V0.153 (Latest Version)wehavesuchsightstoshowyouUnlock All Gallery
V0.153 (Latest Version)curiositykilledthecatLock All Gallery
V0.152toggleToggle Cheats
V0.152rhapsodyUnlock Cheat Menu
V0.152mayhemEnable Cheat Menu
V0.149allyourbasesbelongtousEnable Cheat Menu
V0.149cinderellaUnlock All Gallery
V0.149seenoevilLock All Gallery
V0.148spidermonkeyToggle Cheat Menu
V0.147toggleLock Entire Scene Gallery
V0.147rhapsodyUnlock Entire Scene Gallery
V0.147mayhemEnable/Disable Cheat Menu

With these cheat codes, you can enhance your Parasite Black experience in various ways. Have fun exploring the dark fantasy world of Parasite Black with these cheats at your disposal.

Disclaimer: These cheat codes are provided for entertainment purposes only. Their use may alter your gaming experience and could affect game progression. Please use them responsibly and at your own discretion and risk.