Hades 2 Weapon Guide: Unlocking All Weapons and Aspects

Explore the underworld in Hades 2 with a variety of weapons at your disposal. From the starting Witch’s Staff to the powerful Umbral Flames, each weapon has unique abilities.

Learn how to unlock them and where to find the materials needed. Get ready to face challenges armed with the best weapons in the game.

Hades 2 – All Weapons And Aspects

Here’s a concise guide to unlocking all weapons and their aspects:

1. Witch’s Staff

The Witch’s Staff is the starting weapon, offering both close and long-range attacks.

2. Argent Skull

The Argent Skull provides ranged attacks with limited ammo, requiring skull collection for reuse. It requires one bronze and two glassrock to craft.

3. Moonstone Axe

The Moonstone Axe deals heavy damage with slow attacks. It requires 15 silver to craft.

4. Sister Blades (Lim and Oros)

The Sister Blades (Lim and Oros) offer swift attacks with medium damage and a unique teleportation move. They require one silver to craft.

5. Umbral Flames

The Umbral Flames provide aesthetically pleasing ranged fireball attacks and a special move where fireballs orbit the player. They require three silver and three cinders to craft.

How to Unlock Hades 2 Weapons?

To obtain new weapons in Hades 2, visit the staging room at the beginning of your runs and click on the pool. Ensure you have the required materials to forge them, obtained from defeating bosses or mining minerals in different areas:

  • Silver: Mined with the Crescent Pick.
  • Glassrock: Mined in the Fields of Mourning.
  • Bronze: Mined in the City of Ephyra.
  • Cinder: Drops from Hecate’s boss fight.

Stay tuned for potential updates and additions to the arsenal. Prepare yourself for the challenges of the underworld with these powerful weapons in hand.