Roblox Hoops Life Controls: PC and Console

This guide provides a comprehensive guide to the controls for the Roblox game Hoops Life, detailing the commands for PC and console platforms.

PC controls utilize a combination of keyboard keys (e.g., WASD for movement, Spacebar for jumping) and mouse actions (e.g., LMB for shooting).

Console controls, tailored for Xbox and PlayStation, primarily employ buttons (e.g., A/X for jumping/passing, Y/Triangle for dunking) and analog sticks for movement and dribbling.

The guide also includes dribbling techniques specific to Xbox controllers, using both the D-pad and the right stick. Additionally, the guide addresses frequently asked questions regarding double clutching, passing, dunking, and general controls.

Hoops Life PC Controls

  • 1,2,3,4 – Overhead Pass
  • B + 1,2,3,4 – Backboard Lob
  • E – Perform a layup
  • E – Shoot
  • Esc – Access menu
  • F – Pass to a teammate / Rebound 
  • G – Guard.
  • H – Switch Hands
  • Left Mouse Button (LMB) – Attempt steals / Shoot
  • M – Squad
  • P – Drop Ball
  • Q and E (With Ball) – Execute dribbling moves
  • R – Dunk.
  • Shift (Hold) – Increase speed
  • Shift (Hold) – Sprint.
  • Shift + 1,2,3,4 – Chest Pass
  • Spacebar – Jump to block shots or contest passes
  • T + 1,2,3,4 – Normal Lob
  • Tab – Follow people In gym
  • V – Screens
  • V – Self Lob
  • W, A, S, D / Arrow Keys – Move your player
  • X – Step Back
  • XX – Between the legs
  • Z in Left Hand, C in RIght Hand – Hesi
  • Z in Right Hand, C in Left Hand – Cross
  • ZX, CX – Behind the back
  • ZXC, CXZ – Spin
  • ZXZ, CXC – Fake Spin

Hoops Life Console Controls (Xbox/PlayStation)

  • A – Drop Ball
  • A,B,X,Y – Overhead Pass
  • A/X – Jump
  • A/X (With Ball) – Pass
  • B – Screens
  • B/Circle – Layup
  • D-Pad – For communication or plays
  • Lb – Follow people In gym
  • LB + A,B,X,Y – Normal Lob
  • LB + A,B,X,Y + Sprint – Backboard Lob
  • Left Analog Stick – Move
  • LT/L2 (Hold) – Face basket or defender.
  • RB – Rebound / Squad
  • Right Analog Stick (Flick) – Execute dribble moves.
  • Right stick click – Self Lob
  • RT + A,B,X,Y – Chest Pass
  • RT/R2 (Hold) – Sprint
  • X/Square – Attempt steals / Shoot
  • Y – Block
  • Y/Triangle – Dunk

Dribbling DPAD Xbox

  • Behind the back – Dpad Left + Dpad Down, Dpad Right + Dpad Down
  • Between Legs – Dpad Down + Dpad Down
  • Cross – Dpad Left in Right Hand, Dpad right in Left Hand
  • Fake Spin – Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Left, Dpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Right In
  • Hesi – Dpad Left in left hand, Dpad Right in right hand
  • Spin – Dpad Left + Dpad Down + Dpad Right, Dpad Right + Dpad Down + Dpad Left
  • Stepback – DPAD Down

Dribbling Right Stick Xbox

  • Behind the back – Flick Left + Flick Down, Flick Right + Flick Down
  • Cross – Flick Left In Right Hand, Flick Right In Left Hand
  • Fake Spin – Flick UP
  • Hesi – Flick Left in left hand , Flight Right In Right Hand
  • In Between Legs – Double Flick Down (Really Fast)
  • Spin – Flick Left + Flick Down + Flick Right, Flick Right + Flick Down + Flick Left
  • Stepback – Flick down

Knowing these controls inside out will help you dominate the court in Roblox Hoops Life, whether you’re playing on PC or console.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I double clutch in Hoops Life?

A: To double clutch, take one forceful step toward the basket. In the second phase, establish a solid base by planting the pivot foot. In the third step, initiate movement while shifting the defender to one side.

Q: How do I pass on Hoops Life using a controller?

A: To pass in Hoops Life, press R1 then X, square, circle, or triangle (PlayStation) or A, B, Y, or X (Xbox), depending on the intended recipient.

Q: How do I dunk in Hoops Life Roblox?

A: To dunk, press space on PC, Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation while near the basket.

Q: What are the controls for Roblox Hoops Life on PC and console?

A: The controls for Roblox Hoops Life on PC and console include a combination of movement, shooting, passing, defensive maneuvers, and dribbling moves. Refer to the respective sections above for detailed control listings for each platform.