Lords of The Fallen Weapon Tier List

This tier list ranks the most effective weapons in Lords of the Fallen, an epic RPG adventure game. The list is divided into tiers, with S tier being the most effective and C tier being the least effective.

Lords of the Fallen has a variety of weapons, and it can be confusing to choose and upgrade them.

Suggestion: Start with a Pieta sword, get any S tier weapon, and upgrade it constantly.

Lords of The Fallen weapon tier list

Tier-SCharm of Fortune’s Insight, Crimson Rector Sword, Hallowed Praise, Hushed Saint’s Halberd, Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer, Justice, Pieta’s Sword, Proselyte Sword
Tier-AAssassin’s Bow, Blacksmith’s Pride, Bow of the Convert, Fist of Insight, Hammer of Holy Agony, Kukajian’s Sword, Multi-Shot Crossbow, Searing Accusation, Skinstealer Cleaver, The Toll, Wilmarc’s Catalyst
Tier-BBloodletter, Bloody Gory, Conflagrant Seer Staff, Death’s Finger, Empowering Claw, Final Whisper, Hallowed Bow, Lord’s Bite, Putrid Child Sword, Rusty Cutter, Sin Piercer Bow
Tier-CAncestor’s Sword, Devotion’s Might, Fitzroy’s Sword, Judge Cleric’s Corrupted Sword, Judge Cleric’s Spear, Left-hand Lightreaper, Orian Preacher Hammer, Pale Butcher’s Blade, Raw Mangler Axe, Sword of Skin and Tooth, Sword of the Flayed

At last,

Please note that this is a general weapon tier list and the LotF best weapons for you may vary depending on your playstyle and game playing strategy.

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