Lord of The Fallen Pieta Sword

Pieta’s Sword is a short sword in LotF that deals Holy damage and Smite. Short swords are melee weapons that require close contact to inflict damage. They may require stats to wield and can be found as loot, rewards, or crafted.

Lord of The Fallen Pieta’s Sword

  • Type: Short Sword
  • Weight: 5.3
  • Holy: 69
  • Attack Power: 69
  • Radiance stat require: 25
  • Block Protection: Physical – 28%, Holy – 35%, Fire – 10%, Stability – 18%

How to get the Pieta Sword in Lord of The Fallen?

To get the Pieta Sword in Lord of The Fallen:

1. Beat Pieta and get Remembrance

The first step to get Pieta Sword is to fight the boss itself.

Tips to kill boss:

The boss will undergo two phases of increasing difficulty, so it is advisable to replenish one’s supplies before engaging in combat.

Here, without access to shops, you’ll have weak equipment. So, avoid attacks and strike at the right time to deal max damage.

2. Buy Pieta’s Sword from Molhu

Molhu, a merchant in the umbral version of Skyrest Bridge, won’t sell to you at first. To get Pieta’s Sword, bring a Bowl of Revelations to the above location.

To get the item, go to the umbral version of Pilgrim’s Perch, unlock the Vestige of Blind Agatha rest point, and then head to the petrified corpse in the center. Next, use Soulflay to get the item.

After that, you can interact with him and see the items for purchase. Now, buy the weapon from the store for 40 Umbral Scourings. You can obtain Umbral Scourings by defeating bosses or employing other methods.

Pieta’s Sword Upgrades

  • Upgrade-1: Attack power-88, Holly-88, Materials req.- Small Deralium Fragment x4
  • Upgrade-2: Attack power-107, Holly-107, Materials req.- Regular Deralium Nuggets x4
  • Upgrade-3: Attack power-125, Holly-125, Materials req.- Large Deralium Shards x4
  • Upgrade-4: Attack power-144, Holly-144, Materials req.- Large Deralium Shards x8
  • Upgrade-5: Attack power-163, Holly-163, Materials req.- Deralium Chunk x1

That’s all about Lord of The Fallen Pieta Sword.

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