How To Appear Offline In Fortnite

Guide on how to appear offline in Fortnite on various platforms. For Fortnite, Epic Games Launcher, Xbox, and PlayStation.

By changing your online status to “Away,” you can prevent other players from seeing you online and avoid receiving party invitations or disturbing your gaming session.

How to Change Online Status in Fortnite?

If you’re looking to play Fortnite without being seen online (appear offline on Fortnite), there are a few ways to manage your status depending on your platform.

For Fortnite Game

In the Fortnite game, you can change your online status by accessing the menu through the three horizontal lines at the top left corner. From there, click on your profile picture and toggle the “Online Status” to “Away” to appear offline.

Additionally, you can adjust your party privacy to “Private” for further control over your gaming session.

For Epic Games Launcher

In the Epic Games Launcher on your computer, you can go offline by clicking on your profile picture at the top right, scrolling to “Settings“, and enabling “Offline Mode Browsing” under “Preferences“.

For Xbox

For Xbox players, accessing Xbox Live on your console and selecting “Appear Offline” from your profile picture in the top left corner will hide your online status.

For PlayStation

PlayStation users can press “X” to open the Menu, then “Triangle” for Settings within Fortnite on their console. From there, they can select “Away” under “Online Status” to appear offline.

While there’s no direct way to completely hide your presence in Fortnite, toggling your status to “Away” effectively accomplishes the same purpose.

Remember, to return online, simply reverse these steps and switch your status back to “Online”. With these methods, you can easily manage your online presence in Fortnite according to your preferences.

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