HoloCure Collabs Guide (Weapon Collabs)

This HoloCure collabs guide lists all the weapon collabs you can use to create max level collab weapons. You will learn about the collabs for the Melee, Ranged, and Multishot categories, as well as the components they require.

What are Collabs in HoloCure?

Collab weapons are combined max level weapons and can only be enhanced or enchanted with an Anvil. They won’t appear in the rotation again, when leveling up or other means.

HoloCure Collabs categories are Melee, Ranged, and Multishot.

In game, you can equip maximum 4 collab weapons at a time due to 5 free weapon slots availability.

A collab inherits all enchantments from its components, up to 2. Re-enchanting replaces all enchantments with new ones. Also, bonuses to components apply to collabs.

HoloCure Collabs list

The following is a list of HoloCure collabs:

  • Absolute Wall – Bounce Ball, Cutting Board
  • BL Fujoshi – BL Book, Psycho Axe
  • Bone Bros. – Cutting Board, EN’s Curse
  • Breathe-In Type Asacoco – Holo Bomb, Plug Type Asacoco
  • Broken Dreams – CEO’s Tears, Spider Cooking
  • Dragon Fire – Fan Beam, Plug Type Asacoco
  • Eldritch Horror – EN’s Curse, Spider Cooking
  • Elite Cooking – Elite Lava Bucket, Spider Cooking
  • Flattening Board – Cutting Board, Holo Bomb
  • Frozen Sea – BL Book, Wamy Water
  • Idol Concert – Glowstick, Idol Song
  • I’m Die, Thank You Forever – Holo Bomb, X-Potato
  • Light Beam – Fan Beam, Glowstick
  • MiComet – Elite Lava Bucket, Psycho Axe
  • MiKorone – Elite Lava Bucket, X-Potato
  • Rap Dog – Idol Song, X-Potato
  • Ring Of Fitness – Bounce Ball, CEO’s Tears
  • Snow Flower Sake – Glowstick, Wamy Water
  • Stream Of Tears – CEO’s Tears, Fan Beam

How to Collab weapons in HoloCure?

To create a collab weapon, follow these steps:

  1. Collect Golden Anvil and use it to create Collab (Golden Anvil required to Collab).
  2. Choose two weapons to combine from the anvil menu.
  3. Weapons must be level 7 or 7+ (or have a combination available for collab)

In-game, a weapon’s shiny visual effect indicates that it can be combined with other weapons.

How to collect Golden Anvil in HoloCure?

In HoloCure, You need to collect Golden Anvil to craft a collab. 

Golden Anvils will start dropping from enemies after a player has upgraded two weapons with an available collab to level 7 or higher.

The base drop chance is 1 in 100, but it increases by 1 in 2000 for every minute that passes. A Golden Anvil dropped on the ground and can be collected to create a Collab.

That’s all about the HoloCure Collabs guide. Hope you find a collabs list and weapon collabs guide helpful.

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