HoloCure Character Tier List

Here is a tier list of the best characters in HoloCure, categorized into four tiers based on their weapons, skills, and special attacks. Tier lists are useful as a reference for character selection.

Here, HoloCure characters are separated into following tiers.

  • S (Super powered)
  • A (Overpowered)
  • B (Balanced)
  • C (Underpowered)

If you start preparing a perfect tier list for HoloCure characters, then it will not be possible. Because, the best characters are always different based on players choice and game strategy.

But, here we try to prepare a character tier list, which gives overview about characters possible tier categories.

HoloCure character tier list

The following is a tier list of HoloCure characters, ranked from S-tier (best) to C-tier (Underpowered):

1. S-tier characters

Nakiri Ayame, Sakura Miko, Yuzuki Choco, Murasaki Shion and Tokino Sora.

2. A-tier characters

Aki Rosenthal, Gawr Gura, Oozora Subaru, IRyS, Ceres Fauna, Takanashi Kiara, Amelia Watson, Inugami Korone and Yozora Mel.

3. B-tier characters

Natsuiro Matsuri, Ouro Kronii, Shirakami Fubuki, Nanashi Mumei, Tsukumo Sana, Akai Haato, Calliope Mori, Hoshimachi Suisei and Ookami Mio.

4. C-tier characters

Nekomata Okayu, Hakos Baelz, Minato Aqua, Ninomae Ina’nis, AZKi and Roboco-San.

That’s it,

Lastly, the best HoloCure character is always dependent on your game strategy. Hope you find this HoloCure character tier list helpful.

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