Hangman Game Play Online


How to Play Hangman

  • Objective: Guess the hidden word by picking letters from A to Z. Try not to make too many mistakes.
  • Setup: A word is hidden using dashes for each letter, like “_ _ _ _ _”.
  • Gameplay: Click on letters to guess. Right guesses fill in the blanks. Wrong guesses add to your mistakes.
  • Win/Lose: Win by guessing the word before you make too many mistakes. Lose if you make too many.
  • Restart: Click “Restart” to start over after you win or lose.

Hangman – Play Online for Free

Hangman is the ultimate online word game where players guess letters to uncover a hidden word or phrase. Challenge yourself with themed word puzzles that cater to all skill levels. Perfect for improving vocabulary and spelling, Hangman offers engaging gameplay suitable for both casual gamers and those looking to enhance their linguistic skills. Enjoy this timeless classic for free and see if you can solve the puzzle without mistakes.

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